Yao ‘an: “Party building +” boosts rural revitalization

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Walking into the planting greenhouse of Yao ‘an Yunxiu Flower Co., LTD., you are greeted by the fragrance of roses. The workers are busy picking roses of all colors.Workers quickly sort out fresh cut flowers on the automatic sorting line at a flower sorting workshop…According to Xie Yun Yao Anyun show flower co., LTD. Sales manager, to ensure that the cut flowers after sorting, grading, packaging, to achieve the best quality, the company introduced the fresh cut flowers intelligent sorting equipment, through the flower open, flower elements such as size, color, peduncle length, put into the machine HuaFen became 28 level, realized the flower postharvest rapid processing.The planting base of the company started construction in January 2021, and was officially put into production in September of the same year, with four soilless cultivation greenhouses of 160 mu.At present, the sales of fresh cut flowers more than 4 million branches, output value of more than 5 million yuan.In the interview, the reporter learned that the company can develop rapidly in just a few months, and the company pays attention to strengthen party organization and party member troop construction is inseparable.In November 2021, the company set up the party branch, have 5 full members, set up the “company + party branch + cooperative + farmers” model, for the party and the company development, increasing farmers’ income combining site, through developing the party members’ demonstration area, skills, duration, technical training, professional technical guidance, play a good party members’ exemplary role, promote the development of flower industry.The party was strengthened, industries sprang up, and villagers became rich.With the continuous development and expansion of the company, the base employs about 80 people every day, and the villagers nearby have realized the income increase.Dongchuan town zhuyuan village committee group room three group of villagers Tao Guangcun to the base for half a year, she is busy pruning, rest gap she told reporters: “working at the door, not only can take care of the family, and a day of 100 yuan salary.”To ensure the success of rural revitalization in the new era, party building is essential, and ensuring that the people have a sense of fulfillment is central.Was around the party construction of “+” to promote grass-roots party construction and rural revitalization of depth fusion, go hand in hand, in the county to explore “the party branch + cooperative + enterprise + peasant household” “cooperative management” to “party + electricity + peasant household” lead “” mountain dam and other development model, effectively break through the village collective economic development model of the single, high resource utilization is not shackles,The collective economic income of 77 villages (communities) reached 50,000 yuan or more, and the collective economic income of more than 90 percent of them exceeded 100,000 yuan.At the same time, the county has successfully cultivated and created 6 provincial-level demonstration Party branches and 2 state-level demonstration towns, promoted the implementation of a large number of typical experience of party construction leading rural revitalization, such as “Four Red flags”, “Five forces together”, “Elementary School”, “three wild geese training” and “five hundred”, and reserved 2,760 talents for rural areas.Primary-level Party organizations and party members have been fully released from their role as battle fortresses and vanguard models in rural revitalization.Reporter by Zhao Wenli Editor by Duan Shaoyu auditor by Li Yankun and Zhou Kang