To the retirement age, endowment insurance did not pay enough number of years to do?Here comes the definitive answer

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One user commented, “What if you reach retirement age in February and have not paid your pension for 15 years?”Today, please people’s club policy guide to continue to talk about the retirement age for us, endowment insurance payment does not meet the prescribed number of years to do.1. What is the impact of social security interruption on endowment insurance?First come to the conclusion: social security contributions will affect the number of pensions.Endowment insurance, “much capture is much, long capture is much”, capture expends fixed number of year is longer, individual account accumulative total is more, annuities is taller.If you go to school, leave office, interrupt social security for a period of time, and then continue to participate in insurance, so you before and after the amount of payment and fixed number of years time can be calculated accumulative total.But the longer you stay off, the shorter the cumulative contribution time will be, the smaller your personal account will be, and the smaller your pension will be.If break capture time is long, capture fixed number of year is not enough when reaching legal retirement age, the time that you get annuities is about to postpone accordingly.Under normal circumstances, you can choose to extend the contribution period until you meet the requirements and receive the pension.Finally, draw a key point, social security cut off pay will affect your pension how much, long-term interruption may also affect the time you receive pension.If you are in leave office, prepare to take an examination of grind during do not want to interrupt, also can choose to attend worker endowment insurance with flexible obtain employment personnel identity.2, to the retirement age, endowment insurance payment does not meet the prescribed number of years how to do?Want to distinguish above all ginseng protect danger to plant.Endowment insurance is divided into urban worker endowment insurance and urban and rural resident endowment insurance.· If you have urban employee pension insurance — Our country implemented the Social Insurance Law of the People’s Republic of China on July 1, 2011, and this is the cut-off point.Circumstance one: you are in “social insurance law” after carrying out ginseng protect and capture cost, arrived emeritus age does not satisfy capture cost fixed number of year requirement, continue pay please, until satisfy a condition, get primary annuities again.Case 2: you are in “social insurance law” join before carrying out protect capture cost, legal emeritus age arrived after carrying out, but capture capture fixed number of year did not pay full, also be to continue year by year capture, but capture still capture is dissatisfied 5 years, can one-time fill capture arrives full 15 years, deal with emeritus formalities and get pay next.· If you are enrolled in the old-age insurance for urban and rural residents — Situation 1: If you are over 60 years old and have not received the basic old-age security treatment stipulated by the state when the new rural insurance system or the urban residential insurance system is implemented, you can receive the basic old-age pension for urban residential insurance on a monthly basis without paying any fees.Example: When the system was implemented in 2014 in Place A, Grandpa Jia, who was 62 years old at that time, could directly receive the basic pension of urban residents’ insurance monthly without paying any contribution.Case 2: when the system is implemented, those who are less than 15 years away from the prescribed receiving age shall pay the fees year by year, and shall also be allowed to make up the fees, and the accumulative fees shall not exceed 15 years.Example: When the system was implemented in 2014, a 55-year old woman, Lu, should pay for five consecutive years until she is 60 years old, and can receive a monthly urban resident pension.Circumstance 3: when the system is carried out, be apart from a regulation to get age to exceed 15 years, should press year capture expends, accumulative total capture is not less than 15 years ability gets annuities.Example: At the time of the implementation of the system, sister Liu, who is 40 years old, should pay annual contributions. After 15 years of accumulative contributions, she can receive monthly urban resident pension when she reaches the age of receiving it.Source: Law Popularization in China