To cope with anxiety, develop a second response, and exercise a beneficial blunt force

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People with a strong sense of dullness do not often get caught up in abnormal stimuli, but can keep blood vessels in a state of relaxation, so that blood can flow unimpeded throughout the body.The human body has a whole set of mechanisms for responding to stimuli.When we feel anxious, when we feel relaxed, is essentially not our will.This coping mechanism is pre-programmed and operates on its own, outside of subjectivity.No matter how much we hate anxiety, or how much we like it, there’s nothing we can do, as a rule, to directly interfere with how this system works in our bodies.But this mechanism may have fallen behind our environment.It is still perfect for the natural environment, but for the social environment, it can become a negative factor in life.Compared with primitive societies, humans have fewer opportunities to encounter threats from wild animals in modern societies, but that doesn’t mean that physical mechanisms can be adjusted by evolution.It is an evolutionary mismatch that short-term anxiety caused by natural environmental threats is replaced by long-term anxiety caused by social pressures.”Blunt Force” uses the blood pressure cycle as an example to show that there are ways to interfere with this automatic body mechanism, rather than leaving it to it.In brief: to deal with the stress caused by inappropriate sensitivity, use active passivation to reduce the formation of stimuli and block the formation of internal stress.In my opinion, this passivation process is impossible to learn.People who are “neurotically insensitive” are more likely to be born with it than learned.We may not have the opportunity to eliminate the source of stress in the first place, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it.For people with congenital sensitivity, the practical approach is to modify their behavior by changing their cognition.When stress triggers a chain reaction in the heart, the second response can be achieved through acquired cognitive awareness of their own situation and timely adoption of appropriate ways to relieve tension and anxiety.It is also the ability of the body to perceive and adjust the state of being.It is like a feedback and control process. The more you exercise, the more skilled you become, and the closer you get to your instinctive responses.This is a variable left to us by learning and cognition.Reading one or two, feeling three or four, there is warmth in the text.I am writing feeling of leisure time to turn over the book, light reading every day, welcome to click attention, meet.