The next step in front end development in 2021

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Many Web developers admit that Javascript has some drawbacks and trickiness, but it remains the most widely used programming language.According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020, 69.7% of the 47,184 professional developers surveyed preferred Javascript.While Javascript isn’t perfect, it boasts a rich ecosystem of frameworks, libraries, and other useful tools, as well as a large JS developer community.In addition, there is a technical committee (called TC39) dedicated to improving Javascript.As a result, Javascript’s lead in Web development is almost unassailable in the near term, but Typescript is likely to become a more attractive alternative.There’s a reason Typescript is often described as an improved version of Javascript.Typescript not only takes advantage of all the benefits of Javascript (it compiles to JS), but also brings its own powerful features, such as static typing, support for modules and interfaces.In addition, Typescript is easier to learn, maintain, and debug.Participants in the Stack Overflow survey rated Typescript (67.1%) as the second most popular programming language after Rust (86.1%).Javascript Frameworks: We’re used to seeing Javascript frameworks like React, Angular, and vue.js dominate in 2021.According to the State of the Front End 2020 report, there is little new change in preference for frameworks among over 4,500 professional front end developers.Svelte is a next-generation lightweight component framework written in Typescript that provides a new way to create high-performance Web applications.Unlike the more popular frameworks React and vue.js, it does not convert the application to normal JS code at run time, but at build time.In other words, as a compiler, Svelte can run code in the browser without any layer of abstraction, improving application performance and providing a better user experience.As a result, Web applications created using Svelte are much faster when first loaded than applications based on other frameworks.Svelte can be used alone or in combination with other frameworks to generate Web applications.Right now, Svelte may not be mature enough to compete with the likes of React, but it certainly has the potential to be more widely used in Web applications in 2021.Deno: Game changer or Node.js replacement?In 2020, Web developers are getting a powerful new tool that lets them implement their own code on the server side — Deno.This is a new runtime environment written in Rust that leverages the V8 JS engine and built-in Typescript support.The main intent of Deno is to overcome the main shortcomings of Node.js, such as security vulnerabilities and package management issues, and to take advantage of the features of modern Javascript.It comes with a number of integration tools that make it easy for developers to test, debug, and format.The advent of Deno does not mean that Node.js is dead, as it is still a widely used, well-supported environment.