The myth of the holy garment of steel saint Of the sea tide official chart can be called the saint of the bottom appearance level strength persuasion

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Saint Saint saint myth of the new surrounding, the new official figure is locked in the steel saint saint of the sea of the saint, that is, the ocean, for the overall evaluation of this handwork, can be said to be very general, and the image is not good, the playability is also very general, in short, is strength to discourage.It has been 11 years since the sky in the iron Saint saint of the Myth of the Garment of Saint Saint.In addition, part of the color of the steel garment has been changed to more faithfully reproduce the colors of the play. As for the rebirth version, other parts have not been significantly changed and optimized.Movable what have nothing to say, this face carving is true, can only use garbage to describe, the official did not consider optimization, the original animation design is not too bad, at least it is a normal image and appearance level, the results made into toys become so poor.The ocean doesn’t have any special features, nor does the hard power. The only super power in the plot is to balance the waves and control the psychics, and there are no extra special abilities, it’s just so-so.Quality do not have what good looking forward to, on the one hand, nothing to upgrade and improve work quality, just fool with accessories, another is of the xiang fan before also said publicly that the quality is really not to see, very general, vulture is not redo it, also can saying is pure lie to krypton, eat is really a bit too ugly.The ocean Tide will be officially launched in July 2022. The specific starting budget is 8800 yen, which translates to about 506. You can consider it if you are interested in it.And did not go through vendor, the reason is very simple, clear is reborn version of xiang poor sales performance, knew that an estimated ten thousand generation, if you have a good grasp of vendor, will compensate boxer shorts all didn’t, so have to use the soul limited series, dealers and 199 estimates are likely, the first point of cost.