Sevilla are inefficient up front and Elche is steady and hot

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Fri 004 La Liga round 24 [2] Sevilla VS Elche [14] 04:00 Feb 12 For Sevilla, 2022 has started in perfect fashion.Sevilla easily won their first three games of the year in early January.Real Madrid once close to the leading position.However, with Real leaving Spain to play in the Super League, Sevilla suddenly seemed to lose their way.Following the copa del Rey defeat to city rivals Betis, Sevilla have drawn all three of their league games since then, with only valencia better off, and celta and Osasuna should not be opponents to concede points.The three draws cost Lopetegui the chance to top the table.Sevilla are currently six points behind Real Madrid in second place in La Liga after the same 23 games.For a team aiming for the title, Sevilla’s attack should fail.Of the top six in la Liga, Sevilla have scored the fewest goals with 34.That’s even fewer goals than 11th place Valencia.What bolsters their league position is defence, with 16 goals conceded, the fewest in La Liga.Real scored 48 goals, conceded 20, and had a goal difference 10 points better than Sevilla.In order to increase their attacking sharpness, Sevilla signed Martial on loan from Manchester united in the winter.However, the Frenchman’s lacklustre performance against Osasuna was such that Lopetegui was forced to publicly defend Martial after the match, saying the Frenchman had not played for a long time.Lopetegui’s tenure at Sevilla has seen him lose points for a period of time every year, depriving him of the chance to compete for the title.In fact, sevilla were not only inefficient up front, but the solid defensive line was also in trouble.Young French centre-back Conte has been courted by big clubs.Moreover, Kongde body minor injury ceaseless, recent condition also is not very ideal.In Conte’s absence, Sevilla have been using rezic and Carlos to modest effect.Sevilla three straight draws in sharp contrast to the downturn, is the visiting team elche hot state.In 2022, they haven’t lost in a 90-point game.The Copa del Rey and the league, two games in a row against Real Madrid, they drew within 90 minutes of each other.Last time they conceded a goal and ended up 3-1 against Aravis, a team that is in solid form.Elche are currently eight points above the relegation zone on 26 points.Relegation although there is a certain risk, but overall more optimistic.So there’s no baggage on this team.Sevilla, on the other hand, are on their way to the Europa League, where Europe is more important than home.Which is which, I’m sure Lopetegui can only measure.