Rockets trade received a miracle effect, 23+8 hummer mentioned the activation of the first three, the no. 2 also woke up

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Rockets trade received magic effect, 23+8 players mentioned the activation of the first three, the second pick also woke up author: Lu I Rockets today away challenge the Sun, originally this is a game of great disparity in strength, perhaps not what to watch.But the Rockets are like Texas’ unbeatable cockroaches, and they’ve been the team to beat since they met the SUNS.The rockets led the SUNS by 8 points, 67-59, at halftime, much to the surprise of many media and fans.After all, the SUNS, the top team in the Western Conference, came up against the rockets, the bottom team in the Western Conference.The final score was 121-124, and the Rockets lost by only three points.From the third quarter, the SUNS gradually found a feeling, they use their own practical actions in the narrowing of the lead step by step, perhaps because the SUNS are too easy to lead the result.But I would like to give credit to the rockets’ management for making the trade before the trade deadline.The rockets’ management sent $36 million over four years to the Celtics, and the biggest gain was the acquisition of Schroder.Schroder started the game and played nearly 40 minutes, contributing a team-high 23 points, nine assists and six rebounds. Schroder’s nine assists energized the team’s capable players.Although schroder’s efficiency was not very high today, he did make sure that all the team’s outstanding players were thoroughly found.The first player to be activated at the no. 3 position is a player I like very much, Tate played 28 minutes of the game, 9 shots on 7 field goals contributed 22 points and 10 rebounds double double.I have to say that Tate deserves some kudos for playing like that in such a short time and taking so few shots.I’m sticking with my opinion that Tate will be the perfect choice to start at the no. 3 spot once the Rockets finish rebuilding.The second player to be activated is shin Jing, the big center the Rockets selected with the 16th overall pick in the draft. We all know this young man is the youngest MVP in the Turkish league.There is no doubt about his ability, he has proven himself in the NBA, but today he gave us more surprises.Shin made seven of 11 field goal attempts in 28 minutes for a whopping 19 points and 11 rebounds.Even more gratifying is the nerve 3 out of 4 shots, which shows that he showed us a good touch.Great numbers don’t fully reflect Shin’s abilities, a player who can not only end battles with 3-pointers, but also surprise opponents from midrange.Shin jing is also a barrier on defense. If the Rockets management can cultivate Shin jing during the rebuilding period, I believe shin jing will be able to dominate inside when it comes time to pursue their own goals.The third player to be activated is green, the second overall pick picked by the Rockets.Green scored 17 points in 35 minutes, hitting three of seven three-point attempts.In fact, after Green entered the league, a lot of media and fans placed great expectations on him.But green is slow to find his own form, let us feel very disappointed.From the game we can also see that Green has been in a state of unconsciousness, as if not awake.But green was lively today, which is probably one of the reasons why the manager has given him so much playing time.Green is still not very productive, but improving every day is the best encouragement for a young rookie.