Red flag HS5 welcome to appreciate can test drive

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In terms of space, red Flag HS5 material is also very generous, in addition to low with two models for fabric seats, the other three are leather + imitation leather package, and the soft and hard degree of the seat more fit, ride up or more comfortable.In the material is very kind, can see, the red flag model in the interior of the luxury sense of building the next foot effort, this is very commendable.The center console is wrapped with soft materials, the materials and workmanship look normal. The 12.3-inch center touch screen integrates multimedia, navigation, vehicle information and other functions.In terms of powertrain, Hongqi HS5 is equipped with a 2.0T engine matched with a six-gear automatic transmission, with a maximum output power of 224 horsepower and a peak torque of 340 N · m.All this is thanks to the engine’s 39.52 percent thermal efficiency, which both improves fuel economy and reduces emissions and noise.Most notably, this engine can meet the national six emission standards, which has been proved on the jetto X70 model before, and the 2.0T Hongqi HS5 will also be carried in this car in the future.In terms of configuration, HONGqi HS5 will also provide a variety of active and passive safety systems and intelligent network configuration.At the same time, it also has seven airbags, these configurations are very practical.The car body stability control, uphill assistance, steep slope and other functions, can make the car body more relaxed and stable, even in the plate bridge more streets, should also be able to drive stably.