One Piece 1040 words: Bigmom offline, these 5 foreshadowing but did not fill the hole, planning to rotten end

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Hello, I’m spider.From the cake Island – and the Country, the four Emperors in these two chapters have occupied a lot of drama, but also let us see the combat effectiveness, vitality is how terrible.This thought aunt will be in the island of ghosts with a single force to defeat her kyd, luo, but according to the current stage of the manga, this idea is shattered, hard by Oda hit a face, had to surrender.Starting with kidd & Luo VS Ma in 1038 words, Oda would have had to take the monster of steel balloons off the screen early, or else he wouldn’t have planned such a title.This is not, after a duel of 3 words, in 1040 words, dama was constantly locked by Kidd and Luo supernovae blood hanging + sit-ups, fell from the ghost island in mid-air, and suddenly fell into the territory of the kingdom of Peace, and even triggered an explosion, making her injury more serious, laying the following plot will not see her again.However, once aunt offline, that her body many foreshadowing can not be unveiled!Most of us know what’s going on, but as long as the comics aren’t public, it’s a prelude to a bad ending.The foreshadowing of her has not been solved, not to mention, since reading eggcake Island, the small spider knows the power of the four emperors, as well as the secret of the special monster aunt.If she is defeated so easily and never plays again, the foreshadowing below will not be able to be filled in, which will lead to the imperfect shaping of the role of Dama, and its foreshadowing will also affect the development of the plot.1. The mystery of life and death of the nun and her partner.There has been no official word on how the nun and her friends disappeared.According to the details given by the cartoon, it is very likely that these characters were accidentally eaten by the aunt, which also caused the giant male to be very panicked and quickly return to the giant clan.Of course, the possibility is high, but there is no official announcement from Oda, so we have to see.If you don’t show this foreshadowing through the aunt, the fans are not happy.The mystery of aunt’s life.Only 6 years old aunt can destroy the giant village, but also seconds to kill a pirate giant clan, was given the title.Born as a child, a man of steel.Such a body is not normal people have, so about her mysterious life, is actually a bright spot, is a big foreshadowing must be uncovered.3, why can aunt get nun’s ability.The above mentioned aunt ate nuns and other people, then why can aunt get nuns soul fruit?That’s crazy, too, even weirder than Blackbeard.According to the conjecture, there was fruit nearby. After the nun received the packed meal, the demon fruit was converted to the nearby fruit, which was eaten by the aunt, and thus gained the ability of the demon fruit.At present this view, specific still have to wait for Oda to reveal, but will not reveal the hen, after all, the aunt has already bye-bye.The prophecy of Charley on Fishman Island.Do you remember Charley’s divination?Luffy will destroy Fishman Island!This prophecy is actually Luffy VS Aunt, who launches a fierce duel on The Fishman Island, and finally destroys the island completely, while Aunt is also completely defeated. Finally, Luffy leads the fishman tribe and the merman tribe to live on land.This foible small spider is very sure, but now the old ma are defeated, so I was also hit the face, also do not know there is no possible cash?Otherwise, why should lufei destroy the fish man island? The only one who has contact with the fish man island is aunt!Luffy wants to defeat all four emperors.Luffy of PH island said he would defeat all four emperors.So, now aunt was defeated by Kidd and Luo, luffy also beat a monkey!That obviously doesn’t make sense, does it?!At present see oda to how round, round is not good in his face.Rush to the end, resulting in a bad ending?Although he Country is a big chapter, but this chapter is good and bad, many haimi gave a bad evaluation, because it is mixed with oda’s selfishness, leading to some random characters suddenly born, war is the direct enemy and upgrade.Typical examples are the Red Sheath Nine, Kido, Ra, Mitsuki Oda, daiwa;These people are relying on to enhance their strength, resulting in the kingdom of Peace and many unreasonable plot, it is really outrageous.If according to Oda said, then he speeds up the progress, anxious to end and lead to the battle force collapse, the plot rotten end, is understandable, because that is his own words, we can only watch, and can not prevent him not so fast end.So, if one Piece does end badly, oda will deserve it. After all, it was his choice.That’s all for this episode, and you can leave comments if you have different opinions.I am a small spider, a chat about animation, collection of hand do enthusiasts, like to pay attention to me, we will see you next time!Text: small spider wants to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to small spider and animation quickly