In January 2022, 12 real estate licenses were obtained in Luohe, and 1933 houses entered the market!

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According to the statistics of The Real Estate Administration Bureau of Luohe city, in January 2022, a total of 12 buildings in Luohe city were newly obtained 13 pre-sale certificates, supplying 1,933 pre-sale houses, decreasing 52% compared with last December;Including 991 residential units and 942 commercial units, the total floor area of 184,477.93 square meters, down 56% from the previous month!In January, the distribution of housing supply was analyzed in luohe district, and the supply was mainly concentrated in the source and sink area.In terms of the number of newly added houses, The number of 917 houses in Yuanhui District far exceeded other regions and became the main supply force of the property market in Luohe in January.The following is the newly pre-sold housing information of Luohe in January (statistical time: January 1-31, 2022) : data source:Luohe city real estate administration of luo river 5 card one complete recommended double huijin reputation good room mansion project in west lake park built, and the only way China shuanghui new headquarters, enjoy “a river it” natural ecological water system outside, around the west lake school, west lake park, LOFT commercial street, customs building, the central business park, high quality facilities, such as sports park and shahe circled around,The interior is equipped with high-end regulations, such as central lake-view garden, community kindergarten, Shuanghui canteen, Shuanghui Daily Fresh, 4:30 class, elderly health center, children’s playground, star property services and so on. The ultra-low floor area ratio is as high as 47%.Living facilities, ecological environment surrounding, both urban prosperity and comfortable livable.Country Garden · Genting covers a total area of 80.04 mu, with a total construction area of 215,000 square meters. Located in the north of the intersection of Taishan Road East and Exhibition Road, it is a key exhibition and business center area built by Luohe City. The surrounding living environment and supporting facilities have been improved.It is adjacent to Taishan Road, the main road of the city, exhibition Road to the west, Nenjiang Road/Jiaotong North Road to the north, about 0.7km away from the county government, with convenient transportation. The project is surrounded by more than 10 schools such as Luohe No.1 High School, Yancheng Primary and Secondary Schools, etc. The surrounding facilities are complete and the business atmosphere is strong.Jianye New Town, located in the central area of Luohe River and the junction of Shali Double River, is close to shali River 4A scenic spot, surrounded by five parks such as Liyuanchun Park, Jinsha Beach Park, Hongqiao Garden, Wenlan Garden, Tiger Beach Park, and luohe experimental kindergarten, experimental primary school, experimental middle school.The project covers high-end residential, star hotel, ecological commercial and other business forms, covering 430,000 square meters of central waterfront urban complex.The project adopts neoclassical architectural style design, five etiquette landscape planning, and enjoys 16 intelligent technologies to create a new intelligent and safe community.Jianye building products, waiting for the era master!Tianxin Hongshu Huafu project covers a total area of about 193.44 mu, with a total construction area of about 483,000 square meters. The plot ratio is 2.99 and the greening rate is 35.1%. It is divided into two phases of development.The project is 100 meters away from Yinjiang Road in the north, zhangjiang Road in the south, Wenhua Road in the west and traffic road in the east, seamlessly connecting the old and new urban areas.The project adopts modernist architectural style to pursue the unity of artistic beauty and humanization. The community has customized leisure facilities such as health slow track with a total length of nearly 1,000 meters, horticultural perception garden, with convenient scientific and technological measures such as mosquito repellent device, water source, outdoor socket, etc., to provide a variety of community functional activity places and humanistic care space.Parking management, video monitoring, people’s management, electronic patrol, background music, elevator five-way intercom and other intelligent technology system, with science and technology to protect life, to build a wide area of about 90 square meters — 140 square meters beautiful house, dedicated to Luohe!Xuefu No.1 Yard is located in the core of Yancheng City, at the intersection of Songjiang Road and Baiyunshan Road, adjacent to all prosperous business circles, adjacent to CBD, exhibition center, Future University Town and other core business districts of Yancheng Xicheng.Surrounded by multi-dimensional road network, you can enjoy convenient travel and enjoy the multi-dimensional traffic network which is accessible in a twinkling of an eye.The project is characterized by a rare 18-story low-density high-rise, with 2.48 ultra-low density volume, 70 meters super-wide space, and one household per ladder, to deduce luxurious living.Within 2 kilometers of adjacent area, there are 14 schools adjacent to Nanjing No.2 Experimental Primary School, No.4 middle School and No.5 Middle School of Tahe City, covering the whole age of kindergarten, primary school, junior high school and High school, so that good teachers can accompany children on their way of growth.HSBC Jinjiang University is invested by PUyang HSBC Real Estate Group and rooted in luohe.The first phase of the project covers an area of 120 mu (the former Huaqiang factory), with a total construction area of about 300,000 square meters, each of which is about 106 to 126 square meters of high-rise overlook.It is located in songshan Road, the main administrative road of Luohe city, close to Qianmu Forest Park, across the north and south, and permeates Changhong.Shenzhou bird garden, the Republic of China river street, style walking street, Han Gem street, li River scenic area, it can be said that step by step to see the scene, bustling day, charming night.Meanwhile, the primary School of Yuanhui District Central School, contracted by HSBC Property Group, has been completed. It is a nine-year public school integrating primary and secondary schools. The gate of the school is directly opposite the south gate of the community.In addition to the international bilingual kindergarten in the community, the 12-year one-stop quality education makes the children’s future full of hope.Gold statue of house is another quality shuanghui property after Washington, gold statue of house pour TieDong and rare exceeds 6000 ping luo river center landscape lake and sunshine mall, ultra hundred meters wide floor spacing, national standard badminton courts, the first outdoor lounge, five-star clubhouse, 4:30 class, torre service, low density lake villa, high quality life experience.Article source: Le Ju to buy a house of high quality content recommended since March 1 implementation!In January 2022, The list of China’s top 100 real estate companies by sales was released. The number of Chinese New Year visitors to Australia increased by more than 20%