After six consecutive days at the top of the box office, China’s “epic blockbuster” is finally ready

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Article | LingHuBoGuang Chen kaige, tsui hark, Dante lam producer, director tsui hark, wujing, Jackson, yihong duan, zhang, ya wen zhu, 15, Han Dongjun, Du Chun, geng le war movie starring “watergate bridge of long jin lake” (hereinafter referred to as “long jin lake 2) release for six days.Changjin Lake, released in 2021, is the highest-grossing film in Chinese film history, while Changjin Lake 2 is also nearing 4 billion yuan, bringing the box office of the two films to around 10 billion yuan.As a matter of fact, the quality of this film is indeed worth discussing. However, any popular cultural product in China has already gone beyond the meaning of “product”, which will form discussions in cultural public opinion and even consciousness formation.The success of “Chosin Lake” has led to a lot of discussion, some lambasting those who don’t like “Chosin Lake” as unpatriotic, no doubt;On the one hand, he said that “Chosin Lake” was nothing but the “main theme”, and then criticized the theme for its eccentricity, especially the combination of “emulsification” events.These two views are very common in the current network public opinion, which are not rational from the perspective of the development of cultural industry and realistic thinking.Personally, I think it is necessary to admit that the quality of Jangjin Lake is not good enough, but there is no need to know nothing about cultural phenomena caused by practical reasons.Bruce Lee is the peak, IP Man is yesterday’s past?Any entertainment products are a reflection of the audience’s spiritual needs in reality. Changes in the social environment caused by politics, military affairs, science and technology, economy, etc., will naturally change the audience’s ideas in the society.Over the years, the Wolf Warrior series, the Wandering Earth series, and the Nagatsu Lake series have exploded.Many audiences think the quality of the films is not good, especially many people like to compare the martial arts films and action films in the peak period of Hong Kong films and think that these domestic films are not good.Many people even think that Wu Jing just holds the “main melody” code, and the real action design is no better than before.This movie is true to some extent, but we might as well put it into the core of the movie expression, and take a look at the background.Hong Kong movies are really better, but they are better behind.Apart from costume films, fashion action films are the fights between police and gangsters, and modern kung fu films are the most popular.From Bruce Lee’s fist of Fury in the 1970s, which broke the sign of “Dogs and Chinese are not allowed to enter”, to huo Yuanjia, which was popular in the Chinese world in the 1980s, Jet Li’s Heroes of the Fist and Chen Zhen in the 1990s, and Donnie Yen’s IP Man series after 2000.Hong Kong and Taiwan kung fu films are in the cultural construction of Chinese cultural identity and Chinese civilization identity.At present, the main characters are not set in more than 2000 years, and the cultural background is from the late Qing Dynasty fighting back against foreigners, to the “Japanese war of aggression against China” fighting back against invaders, and then IP Man fighting back against Hong Kong colonialists.IP Man series can be regarded as a summary of the cultural core of this martial arts film. The first film fights the Japanese invaders, the second film fights the British colonialists, with the exception of the third film, and the final battle is fought with Zhang Tianzhi.In IP Man 4, the time setting is the end of 1960s when Bruce Lee was in the United States. The cultural core, let alone the 21st century, and the kung fu films in the 1990s, are all based on a pair of fists.In the 1950s, Hong Kong and Taiwan were different from the mainland due to historical reasons.The two regions did not achieve much politically, militarily or technologically, but took off economically in the 1960s and 1970s due to their dependence on the mainland and the industrious Chinese.Finally reflected in the spiritual culture, Hong Kong and Taiwan is inherited from the Shanghai foreign school culture of the Republic of China, martial arts culture, and then martial arts culture, etc. The background is from the late Qing Dynasty, the Anti-Japanese War of the Republic of China, to Hong Kong and Taiwan after the rich emigrate such a process.They don’t have the political game, industrial crush and military confrontation for the rise of modern and modern great powers, and they can’t even think about it.To put it bluntly, huo Yuanjia, Chen Zhen and IP Man finally broke the problem of “the sick man of East Asia”, a humiliating national identity construction in modern China, with a pair of fists.Hong Kong and Taiwan inherited this cultural value and expressed it in popular culture as the economy developed first.The swordsman culture in Hong Kong and Taiwan is also a similar process, but there are some differences in cultural expression.Huo Yuanjia, Chen Zhen and IP Man vs Wu Qianli, Leng Feng and Liu Peiqiang?Do you really get it?The representatives behind these cultural figures are somewhat different. Huo Yuanjia, Chen Zhen and IP Man all represent the same kind of people, that is, the martial artists from Hong Kong and Taiwan who broke the “sick man of East Asia” in modern times. The contemporary Hong Kong films, if not the local fashion action movies, actually have a representative of the core expression, that is to go out.At the end of the 79’s, Hong Kong and Taiwan became the “Four Asian tigers” with the economic rise and the wave of immigration, a large number of Hong Kong and Taiwan people went overseas, just like Japan in the 80’s, during this period, some Hong Kong and Taiwan screen heroes went out, one is Wesley, the other is Jackie Chan.Let’s look at the Wolf Warrior series, the Wandering Earth series, and the Chosin Lake series.These three series almost represent the cultural expression of modern, present and future times of New China.Wolf Warrior series and Action Series are the same thing. They, like the Wandering Earth, are based in reality, but they are actually born naturally in the Chinese film market.The Wandering Earth is a science fiction novel written by Liu Cixin in 2000, which culminated in the Three-Body Problem series.Why is it that Hong Kong has only Wesleyan mystery adventures, and everything is relegated to alien science fiction?But never out of liu Cixin such a hard science fiction master?The reason is that Liu cixin left behind three decades of new China’s political, military and scientific rise as a great power.The face of economic, social and spiritual upheaval in the last two decades.Liu Cixin’s “The Wandering Earth” is an allegorical short story. The film relies on the director and screenwriter born in the 1980s who grew up in the political, military, technological and economic rise of great powers, and finally wraps a Chinese-style science fiction story with the breakthrough of China’s heavy industry in the new era.What about the Wolf Warrior series and action series?”Operation Mekong” and “Wolf Warrior 1” are similar, one is the Chinese police’s first overseas arrest of drug traffickers justice from heaven, the other is in the defensive phase, it is a drug dealer revenge broke into the Chinese military district revenge, the result is solved by Leng Feng to defend the country’s story.Wolf Warrior 2 and Operation Red Sea are the basis of realistic evacuation events, and Leng Feng’s punches and kicks are really far less exciting than Huo Yuanjia, Chen Zhen and IP Man.But Leng Feng received a godson in Africa, the heroine is American nationality mixed blood beauty, and the Western mercenary several times almost did not fight.People behind the cold front of the Chinese navy, the final battle before the cold front and factory ordinary people were slaughtered by mercenaries.Never mind the mercenaries and terrorists, the Chinese ships sent them all away in a few shots, and finally the cold front sent the desperate mercenary leaders away.The first part of “Operation Red Sea” is mostly like the evacuation of “Wolf Warrior 2”. “Wolf Warrior 2” is mocked by many people for carrying the flag through the war zone (based on reality), and “Operation Red Sea” is finally solved by terrorists to recover the nuclear bomb, which is to do the work of various Western agents such as the United States and James Bond.Behind them is the new era of China’s political status, industrial crush, military and technological rise.Let’s think about Huo yuanjia, Chen Zhen and IP Man’s fists are really good.But compare that with the cold front and foreign mercenaries with hot tanks and artillery backed by Chinese warships with Liu Peiqiang’s “community of shared future for mankind”.Their fists were not feeble, but they were not formidable enough.Finally, we come back to the Changjin Lake series. Strictly speaking, this series is different from Wolf Warrior and The Wandering Earth. It is not a Chinese commercial blockbuster born naturally in the market, and our officials tend to be conservative in cultural expression.In particular, many historical events in modern times are due to political and other practical considerations.For example, the People’s Republic of China and neighboring countries fought a circle, but the official theme was only “Japan’s war of aggression against China”. There were few films on Vietnam, India and the Soviet Union, and the humiliating history of the late Qing Dynasty was rarely filmed in recent years.The official “theme” basically revolves around a series of historical events such as the end of the Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China and the establishment of The People’s Republic of China.In 2017, “The Founding of an Army” still had an official platform, while “Wolf Warrior 2” and “The Wandering Earth” did not.The background of “Changjin Lake” is the change of “Sino-US relations” in reality. The official green light for this theme is more like an attitude expressed by the whole country, the United States is not so great, we won in the period of “resistance to the United States and aid Korea”, and the volunteer army and that war are worth remembering and praising.Box office China’s first film history, but the word of mouth is divided?The real problem with “Chosin Lake” is here because of the context, and the box office performance of “Chosin Lake.”Despite the ferocity of the online debate, it turned out that the majority of ordinary viewers did not vote.After all, cultural and entertainment products are the reflection of the realistic spirit, and the cultural needs of most Chinese audiences can be seen at a glance.In fact, I believe that except for the deliberate criticism of Jangjin Lake by a small number of audiences with different “values”, such a dualistic view is a manifestation of radicalization, just like those who are only allowed to praise the film and are accused of being “unpatriotic” once they point out its shortcomings.The vast majority of the audience still like “Changjin Lake”, mainly because it is the first box office in The history of Chinese films. However, both the film itself and the cultural spirit expressed in the core are not good enough. In fact, the completion of “Changjin Lake” is indeed lacking.And that reason has as much to do with reality as it does with reality.It is not that the birth of the film is the change of “Sino-US relations” in recent years, but that the spiritual needs of Chinese audiences are projected onto the film.In fact, war films with the background of “fighting against the United States and aiding Korea” began to appear widely after the subject matter was lifted. “Jangjin Lake” is just one of the films that conforms to the background of this era.The relevant reason is that the cultural workers, who were promoted by the previous realistic environment, could not restore the collectivist spirit and revolutionary belief in the background of “resisting America and aiding Korea”.The three directors of Changjin Lake, Tsui Hark and Dante Lam, are Hong Kong directors. The historical development of Hong Kong and Taiwan and the mainland are originally two separate lines. Hong Kong directors understand film and television industry technology but not revolutionary spirit, so it is understandable that they understand macro narration.Another director, Chen Kaige, is one of the representatives of the fifth generation of directors, who are recognized as the peak of “scar literature”, similar to guan Hu of the sixth generation.They are not bad, but the macro narrative of “resist the United States and aid Korea”, the result is still poor.”Changjin Lake” still has three directors, and the completion of “Changjin Lake 2” is much better because most of the director is Tsui Hark, but the overall quality is still not complete.We do not need to compare with any foreign war films, even with the previous Chinese war films of “resistance to the United States and aid Korea”, this deficiency is very obvious.None of that mattered, though, because the Nagatsu Lake series was a success.In addition to its commercial success, the most important thing about it is that it expresses an attitude towards the rise of China and represents the progress of film and television industry and commercial blockbusters.The Changjin Lake series isn’t that good, but it could be the start of an epic commercial blockbuster in China.