2022, The Youth Enterprise Summit will join hands with you for the future

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Qilu network · Flash News January 30 – International Summit on Innovation and Development of Young Entrepreneurs (short for: Youth Enterprise Summit) is an important measure for Shandong to implement new development concepts and promote high-quality development.In recent years, the Provincial Youth League Committee has led three summits, successively held a series of activities such as “Top ten” industrial capital docking, and built the headquarters of the Youth Enterprise Summit, comprehensively assisted the construction of the starting area, and accurately served the high-quality development of various places. The accumulative recommended 279 investment projects, and 137 signed projects, with a total investment of 242.592 billion yuan.Looking back at 2021, we will make persistent efforts to achieve new breakthroughs, and looking forward to 2022, we will set sail for new glory. Let us write a letter to express our sincere thanks and best wishes to all the guests of the Summit.Flash news reporter Xu Linlin Zheng Liangliang reports