Weifang Weicheng District: Poly old residential district renovation to create people satisfaction with the livelihood of the project

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“Years ago, our old village renovation project just in taiping street released by the ministry of national 100 ‘does the practical work for the masses’ practice I contact demonstration site, mainly to undertake to solve problem demonstration task to enhance community service facilities, by actively revitalize the idle housing, land and around inside the village, combined supporting endowment, nursery, meal and other community public service facilities,We will create a ’15-minute living circle’ to facilitate residents’ life.”Weifang City Weicheng District Chengguan Street Yuewang Temple community secretary Chen Mingming proudly said.Weicheng thoroughly implements the people-centered development philosophy, and takes the renovation of old residential areas as an important step to promote urban renewal and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the city and a major livelihood project. It focuses on key areas, makes up for weak points and weak points, and constantly improves people’s living environment and living conditions.Up to now, 530 million yuan has been invested in the renovation and upgrading of 33,400 old residential areas, including 23,000 households in 2021 alone. The number of renovated households accounts for 38% of the total number of Weifang city and 3.56% of the total number of the province, ranking first in Weifang City and second in the province.Participation of multiple entities and three-level coordination.Weifang diesel city adhere to the owner, main body, government leading, JieJu leading support principle, introduced the weifang diesel old city village renovation plan and other documents, make the plan of annual plans and financial support at the corresponding level, set up by the district government is responsible for the comrades in charge group leader of area JieJu level 3 old village renovation work program, according to the clear bag on responsibility for the content modification,We will coordinate household research and research, publicity and mobilization, answering questions and resolving doubts, organizing and implementing, resolving conflicts, and conducting quality supervision, so as to form a three-level organizational system for coordinated transformation.”Residents are the real party A in the renovation and upgrading of the old community. What the masses say counts.””Said Hu Sifeng, deputy director of the Weicheng District Bureau of Housing and Construction.Focusing on the participation of social forces, adhering to the reform concept of “jointly creating, jointly governing and sharing”, taking the opportunity of the approved national pilot project for the reconstruction of old urban residential areas and the provincial pilot project for the first and second batch of “4+N” reconstruction financing mode, we explored the diversified financing solution mechanism, and injected more than 35 million yuan of guiding funds through fiscal injection at all levels.Attract specialized units, enterprises, shops along the street, residents and other aspects of socialized investment, raise funds of nearly 100 million yuan, comprehensively improve the area’s environment and residents’ quality of life.Stick to build branch grid, in the old village renovation of 112 old district to establish education propaganda, civilized persuasion, clinic visits, Shared positions of functional party branch, explore the “door” service, between “street whistled, department report” “double red double promotion” and so on the work mechanism, and according to the department functions and party member service intention to carry out the “double registration” and other activities,Party members and officials from 58 directly affiliated departments, including housing and construction departments and comprehensive law enforcement departments, provided “double registration” services, helping to solve more than 1,500 problems of various types.”We respect the will of residents, encourage people to participate in the renovation, implement menu-style renovation, residents can choose from the menu, tailored to the residents’ wishes, comprehensive and systematic implementation of the renovation of old residential areas.”Cheng Guan street Caojia Lane community secretary Jiang Hong said.Classification and implementation of precision, focus on demand transformation.Adhering to the principle of asking for needs and advice from the people, we issued an Open Letter to the Residents of Old Residential Areas, collected the will of residents from each household around the renovation of old residential areas, and promoted the implementation of “one general plan for each community, one sub-plan for each building, and one sub-plan for each unit”.More than 300,000 square meters of roofs were waterproof, walls repaired and roads updated, and more than 20 kilometers of strong and weak electricity lines were regularized. Seven roads, 410 rainwater and sewage mixing points and all old residential areas were upgraded to separate rainwater and sewage.In terms of the improvement and improvement categories, we insist on doing our best to complete the renovation of 2,420 square meters of community property buildings and 8 characteristic blocks with high standards, demolish and dismantle more than 8,000 square meters of unauthorized buildings, and build more than 12,000 square meters of new carports, so as to realize the effective integration of infrastructure upgrading and idle resources in the area.”The transformation and promotion of the old community is just the beginning, how to manage the community after the transformation, the solution to the problem has to come from the masses.Caojiaxiang community Party Committee takes charge of the red property, innovates the ‘three red three’ property services, and creates a red housekeeper, realizing the community’s own business, and gradually developing residents’ sense of self-service and management.”Cheng Guan street staff gao Feng said.Adhering to the principle of combining residents’ self-governance with property management, environmental and property management committees have been set up in 56 communities. In Weicheng District, 21 public welfare community property service companies have been established to provide 75 old communities with such services as community greening, daily cleaning, order maintenance and public facilities maintenance.The establishment of an annual budget of 5 million yuan of district-level property maintenance emergency working capital, the implementation of “Party construction + property”, improve the community management service mechanism, the extension of “property + housekeeping”, “property + pension”, “property + medical” services, do a good job in long-term management.We will provide excellent “cultural” services.In accordance with the principle of combination of functional perfection and historical inheritance, while improving living conditions and environmental quality, the combination of traditional style, local characteristics, historical inheritance and other cultural and commercial elements, invested 8.35 million yuan on furong Street, Water lane and other 4 streets more than 300 storefronts facade antique transformation;More than 1 million yuan was invested to upgrade three streets and alleys such as West Market 3rd Street and People’s Street.Among them, after the renovation of Shiwat Garden area, the original 600 vacant houses, more than 420 households moved back in, more than 180 households rented out, and with the help of rich tourism resources, to create a noisy quiet, original “city b&B” more than 20, through the online platform hosting, the rental income has doubled.(Reporting by Ding Yanjun, Liu Kun, Correspondent of Dazhong Daily · Dazhong Daily Client Reporter Shi Rukuan)