Us officials discredit the Winter Olympics themselves

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The full text contains 1268 words and 1 picture. The expected reading time is 3 minutes.The Beijing Winter Olympics went off without a hitch, and the world was able to watch the high-level ice and snow sports on television.But the United States is the favorite sabotage, except made has proved a complete failure of the so-called “diplomatic boycott”, the us ambassador to the UN women greenfield more deliberately plant discredit to China, she accepted CNN (CNN) interview, make a Uighur Chinese athlete the games opening ceremony in Beijing to light the Olympic torch,To distract attention from China’s human rights abuses against Uighurs, she added: “We know genocide has been committed.”A dumb diplomat telling a lie like this makes you say, “No one is beautiful?”The question mark.As a descendant of africAn-Americans, Greenfield should have a deeper understanding of racial discrimination in the United States and realize that what American pioneers committed to the Indians was the real “genocide”.In order to extol the “correctness” of U.S. President Joe Biden’s “diplomatic boycott” of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Greenfield used the Uyghur athletes who lit the Olympic flame as an “issue”, completely exposing the ignorance of the Americans who regard fantasy as fact.For American indians “genocide” crimes committed China’s u.n. ambassador, ambassador zhang’s speech is greenfield instant response to issue a statement, said greenfield is published in the “no facts according to, full of political bias, severe poisoning of china-us relations” speech, are “groundless accusations,” must be “reject” solemn.Twenty athletes from nine ethnic minorities, including Uighurs and Tibetans, will be part of the Chinese sports delegation to the Winter Olympics, zhang said, adding that Dinegar Yilamujiang, who lit the flame, is one of the most prominent among them.Zhang retorted, pointing out that the United States has committed “genocide and crimes against humanity” against The Indians in history.In response to the groundless criticism from the US, the ioc spokesperson pointed out that Dinegar Iramujiang was not chosen to carry the torch because she is from Xinjiang.The Chinese Olympic organizing Committee also said that the torchbearers carrying the torch into the stadium were selected based on their birth dates, with each born in a different era from the 1950s to the 2000s.Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian pointed out that the so-called “genocide in Xinjiang” is a lie of the century, and the remarks made by certain US politicians are nothing less than lying with their eyes open.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games are under way. The political hyping of the Games will not win the hearts of the people, let alone succeed. Such actions will surely be condemned and opposed by the international community, including athletes from all countries.Spread rumors smear China must blame the United States and its Allies in this Olympic winter games, the means of tarnishing China has reached to the point of no means, prior to the start of winter Olympics, the United States and other western countries has been continuously spread rumors, said foreign players after arriving in Beijing, don’t use your smartphone, otherwise all personal privacy will be China browsing and features.U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi added her voice to the slur, urging U.S. athletes in Beijing not to risk the wrath of the “ruthless” Chinese government in a speech on Capitol Hill.And urged U.S. Olympic officials to be prepared to protect U.S. athletes who speak out on human rights issues from possible retaliatory measures by China.For a long time, the United States has used planting techniques to seriously propagandiate hypothetical topics and take them as facts after telling lies for several times, and then use them as an excuse to attack competitors. The Human rights issue in Xinjiang has been completely used by the United States since the Hong Kong anti-amendment incident.The hypocrisy of Us politicians must be punctured once and for all.This article is from Hong Kong