Such “only this green”, do you love?

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Chinese youth is nurtured by the pure clarity of blue and blended with the fresh freshness of green.Spring Festival Gala dance poetry drama “Only this green” with “green” dance to the “Thousands of miles of Rivers and Mountains” jumped between the clothes to the beauty of humanity like poetry picturesque beautiful rivers and mountainsA comet/Visual China today, let us follow the visual China contract illustrator “no xuan” this group of “green landscape” works in a glance at the motherland mountains and rivers picture scroll slow taste of classical poetry charm please watch the following horizontal screen ◆ ◆ Taishan ◆ Daizong fu how?Qi Lu was still green.God show, Yin and Yang cut dawn.Miao Miao cold current is wide, grey autumn rain is dark.You ask zhongnan mountain, the heart knows baiyun.– Wang Wei “Answer Pei Di rim mouth rain recall zhongnan Mountain work” ◆ Lushan ◆ flying down three thousand feet, suspected is the Milky Way nine days.Flying to the mountain Qianxin tower, said the cock crow see sunrise.◆ If you want to compare the West Lake to the west, it is always appropriate to be light and heavy make-up.Looking at the landscape of Dongting Lake, there is a green snail in the silver plate.◆ The yellow Crane Tower in the jade flute, jiangcheng in May plum blossom.◆ When the Three Gorges in Badong are finished, jiujiang river is open.Chusai came out of the clouds and out of the water.◆ Where is the horse, north travel jushi not yet.Cold clouds with snow, sunset yanmenguan.◆ The moon out of The Tianshan Mountains, vast sea of clouds.Long wind tens of thousands of miles, blowing yumen Pass.In Hanshan Temple outside Gusu, the midnight bell rings to the passenger ship.◆ The moon on Mount Emei is half round in autumn, and the shadow enters the water flow of pingqiang River.The beauty of mountains and rivers, from ancient times to appreciate the green of Kyushu, all four times may this wipe of green, wash away the dust in your heart may this wipe of green, give you the peace of your soul far Dai Xiu e, only this green you also know what about the “green landscape” poetry?Photo source: Visual China Illustration: WU Xuan A Comet Haruko Illustration Planning & AMP;Editor: Liu Yue Editor: Wu Tiantian ▽ Recommended attention ▽