NBA star waifs history: Howard 18 years 9 team, cousin 6 team too sad, James?

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The data sources of this paper are marked below the title of the chart. The chart and content are all original by Anan Xiaojie, and the whole network protection is opened. Please contact the author for reprinting and quoting.The NBA’s trading day is closed, and players who have asked for a trade or been traded are packed, physicals taken and ready to play for their next team.Today’s data, check the current major players in the past year of the team overview, with a chart to share the current major players waifs history.As an aside, does frequent job hopping affect a player’s trade value?We don’t know on this side of the ocean, but netizens in Zhejiang province may be affected when looking for a job if they change jobs frequently.Some stars may change teams twice in a year. For the convenience of statistics, statistics are carried out according to the standard of the team at the end of the season.During the 2003-2021 season, if the current year’s star is not in the NBA, fill in the blank, otherwise fill in the icon of the star’s team at the end of the season, forming the following figure.In 18 seasons since entering the NBA in 2003-04, James has changed teams twice with the Cavaliers, once with the Heat and now once with the Lakers.Anthony, who also entered the NBA in 2003-04, has been traded to six different teams (including the Lakers this season) and has been traded frequently in recent years.Howard, entering his 18th season in the NBA, has changed teams nine times this season, three of them traded to the Lakers, and is rarely seen in the court as a water cooler.More sad than Howard is cousin Cousins, after the major injury, in four short seasons, the Warriors, lakers, Clippers, Bucks and Nuggets between six teams, after 10 days of short contract, cousin Cousins will be able to survive in the NBA?Even superstars are used to trading and being traded.Kobe Bryant, dirk nowitzki, NBA1 man 1 city, will still exist?The answer is yes, curry, Thompson and Green from the Golden State Warriors, and then stick to the habit of one-man, one-city.Just don’t know which of the three will be traded first under the luxury tax.