Left or right?Because you don’t compromise easily

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With the development of economy, people have more and more diversified choices, especially in today’s marriage market. Some people are optimistic about the state of marriage, while others hold reservations about marriage. No matter which point of view, girls increasingly realize that economic independence is the guarantee of marriage life.In particular, parents’ views on marriage and love have a great influence on children. Different children can experience different styles from their parents’ marriage.For example, the sister in “Sisters” Tao Jiang, desperately hard work, money.She thinks that the sense of security can only be given by themselves, and love is just a small episode in the work, even if lovelorn, the detailed policy on the work of the scene, will make up for emotional trauma.She worked hard to make money, struggle for her own career, open up the pattern of life, desperately want to let the divorced parents see her excellent, to show their own advantages to their parents already married.He values his family very much, but rarely reaches out his hand in affection to welcome it.When my sister made money, she would take my mother’s family on vacation, and my father’s family on vacation.It can be seen from this that although her parents divorced, she was still eager to have a complete family, because she did not dare to enter into feelings easily for the dissolution of their marriage.His sister, on the other hand, had his parents’ divorce exacerbated his desire for a complete family.College graduation and first love into marriage, regardless of sister and mother’s advice.A marriage on pregnancy experienced the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law dog blood, in the experience of daily necessities, while trying to manage a small family, strong to shoulder the responsibility of the family.In a chicken hair in the marriage life silently swallow tears, and learn to wear armor resistance, because she knows that marriage life is never a person, but two people.Two sisters a firm walk strong woman line to work, and the family is dispensable believe difficult can only give their own to strengthen the backing, can only give all their people desperately struggle to work.This is very similar to a lot of the very elite women in society, who only see the cruelty of family life, see the ugly side of marriage.While the younger sister chose to return to the family, for the younger sister, marriage is more important than work.In fact, the helplessness of real marital life is often related to addiction to games, and the benefit of this sister is because of the strong support of her sister and her family, so in addition to facing a lonely life, economic life can rarely trouble her, from this point, she is much more lucky than many housewives.Nowadays, the society is more and more tolerant and can tolerate different life styles. However, what one pursues may depend on one’s different purposes.Later, the older sister is also eager to have a sweet relationship, but no longer settle, and the younger sister also chooses to go into her own business, starting with managing a small studio.Although everyone’s life style and coping measures are different at the beginning, they all yearn for a warm family.Although everyone on the definition of happiness is different, jiangsu phoenix “sisters” of literature and art publishing house, the author cinnabar stick to use plain language, depicting the characters of personality is distinct, and recreates the different ideas of the girl made a different choice, but in any case no concessions to life, hard up, but their common background.