Lede Primary School has carried out teaching and research activities

2022-08-23 0 By

In order to understand the real situation of teachers’ classroom teaching and comprehensively improve the efficiency of classroom teaching, The Teaching and research Center of Rongxian Lede District organized and carried out teaching and research activities such as “What’s wrong with subject education in Lede District? How to Do” seminar.On March 10, teachers’ representatives from all the schools in Rongxian Lede district visited the first and second grade of Lede Primary School for a door opening lecture.I listened to Lu Xiuling’s first grade Chinese class and Ning Xianggao’s second grade math class.After class, the teachers of Chinese and mathematics group discussed the teaching of the teachers in class respectively, and they exchanged and shared their teaching experience.We also studied the non-pen and paper test documents together and discussed the confusion and shortcomings of the test process.The first grade teachers also discussed literacy teaching, reading teaching experiences and lessons.All the teachers had in-depth discussions on the cultivation of students’ learning interests and learning habits, and also exchanged their experience in home visits.”Door-to-door class” is a regular teaching and research activity of the school. In addition to school leaders and subject leaders, teachers are also encouraged to door-to-door class anytime and anywhere.The random door class in Lede district played a positive role in the school’s teaching and research activities.Not only through long-term listening activities, it will certainly boost the effective classroom, but also promote the development of school education and teaching reform.