Feihualing: Place names (Luoyang, Chang ‘an)

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2. Don’t see the long happy place, empty make time easily wasted.Wei Wanzhijing/Li Qi 3. Chang ‘an city, such as training, every family at this time hold needle and thread.Tanabata/Cui Hao 4 chang ‘an a month, ten thousand households pound clothes sound.5. One of them moved to Changsha, looking west to Chang ‘an, but didn’t see his home.6. There are always clouds that can block out the sun, but it is sad to see Chang ‘an.7. Guests come from Chang ‘an and return to Chang ‘an.8. Sauvignon Blanc, in Chang ‘an.9. Pity the little children, chang ‘an has not been remembered.Moonlight/Du Fu 10. Chang ‘an twice, empty tears see flowers.11. All the way to harvest rui, harvest things how?Chang ‘an has poor people, for rui should not be many.Autumn wind gives birth to Weishui, leaving leaves all over Chang ‘an.13. Li Bai dou wine poem 100, Chang ‘an city on the restaurant sleep.14. On March 3, the weather was new, and there were many beautiful people near the water in Chang ‘an.Beauty/Du Fu 15. Riding a horse, a day to see all the changan flowers.Looking back at the world, I could not see the dust and fog in Chang ‘an.Changan looked back at the piles of embroidery, the top of the thousand doors opened again.18. The fragrance of the sky penetrated chang ‘an, and the city was filled with golden armour.19. Although the old mountain is not close to the body, and toward Chang ‘an in late spring.20. That is, when the ice on the riverside opens, it is the time when the flowers in Chang ‘an are falling.Year after year, who asked today, lying alone in Changan weeping old Hua.There are many famous and rich visitors in Chang ‘an, but they are not as good as you.23. Chang ‘an city drunk spring breeze, disorderly flowers full of red hat.A Pot of Songs/Lu You Look at Chang ‘an in the northwest, pitiful mountains.25. I will not board the ship of the Son of Heaven, nor will I board the long sleep.It is difficult to meet each other deeply. Once ants are full of thieves in Chang ‘an.Round song/Wu Weiye 27 laurel mist Tong Yin sitting lift wounds, Chang ‘an salivate mouth look forward to the Double Ninth festival.Flying Flowers — Chang ‘an, Luoyang 28. Flying Flowers — Luoyang 29.Luoyang city east and west, long as by time.The water in the river flowed eastward, and the name of Luoyang’s daughter was Mo Chou.The Song of Water in the River/Xiao Yan 31. Peaches and plums in the east of Luoyang are flying here and there.A daughter of Luoyang, cherishing color, sat down to see fallen flowers and sighed.When the tourists of The State of Zheng did not reach their homes, the luoyang line sighed empty.Send Chen Zhangfu/Li Qi 34. Luoyang relatives and friends such as asked, a piece of ice heart in jade pot.Furong Building to Xin Jian/Wang Changling 35. Where to reach the township book?Luoyang side of the geese.The second Beigu Mountain/Wangwan 36. Luoyang visiting scholar, Jiangling as a flow of people.37. The autumn wind did not treat each other, so we arrived at Luoyang city first.Later period of Shu/Zhang Shuo 38. Jun looks like a flower, partial to the east of Luoyang.Spring Snow/Liu Fangping 39. From Ba Gorge to Wu Gorge, they went down to Xiangyang and luoyang.Luoyang city to see the autumn wind, to the writer’s book meaning 10,000 weight.Autumn Si/Zhang Ji The ice under The Tianjin Bridge is just beginning to close, and luoyang is a stranger.Luo Qiao Evening wang/Meng Jiao 42 once was luoyang flower under the guest, wild fang although late not to be handed out.Play answer Yuan Zhen/Ouyang Xiu 43. There is no positive color in the world of only Taoism.Luoyang flowers such as brocade in March, how much time to weave into.Ying Suo/Liu Kezhuang