Beijing Winter Olympics full of black technology, create two world first?Double Olympic City, carbon neutral Olympics

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In the wake of the pandemic, China has not only prevented the spread of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, but also revived the dream of “faster, higher, stronger and more united” in the World. It has lit the Olympic flame!The Beijing Winter Olympics are worth looking forward to:Not only full of black science and technology, “hundreds of meters, minutes” meteorological forecast, the world’s largest span reticulated two-way orthogonal saddle cable roof of oval, 100% artificial snow (black power of science and technology Beijing Olympics — the first 100% artificial snow in the Olympic Games, the worries behind), 5 g coverage all the venues, 8 k game image real-time transmission…Beijing is also the world’s first double-Olympic city and the first carbon-neutral green Olympics. The water Cube has been transformed into the Ice Cube, natural carbon dioxide has been used as the refrigerant, renewable electricity has been used in 25 venues and about 60 million trees have been planted.World-class “science and technology exhibition” Beijing Olympics can be said to be a world-class “science and technology exhibition”, in addition to the front of black science and technology, the world’s first high pressure hydrogen storage torch, smart and intelligent robot restaurant order system, intelligent high-speed rail technology, immersive live broadcast technology, driverless cars will be came out, let the Olympic high-tech elements.Many Chinese still remember the night in 2008 when the bright flame was lit above the “Bird’s Nest” stadium, inspiring all mankind to pursue the Olympic dream of “Faster, Higher and Stronger”.The Olympic flame once again lit up the “Bird’s Nest” during the opening ceremony of the much-anticipated 2022 Winter Olympics at the National Stadium on Feb 4, which will see some 3,000 athletes compete in 109 events across seven sports: skiing, skating, bobsleigh, ice hockey, curling and biathlon.The success of the Beijing games will arouse the enthusiasm of all Chinese people go in for winter sport, make the winter sports is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, will also motivate people around the world together, overcome difficulties, create a better future makes Beijing the first hosted the summer Olympics, and hosted the winter Olympic Games city, will double the much-anticipated city!At the same time, we are even more concerned that this will be the first Carbon-neutral Olympic Games.This is, in fact, not hard to understand. The Novel Coronavirus containment strategy has reduced the flow of people, especially large inflows of international visitors, which alone has saved over half a million tons of CARBON dioxide that would otherwise have been produced by the tourism and accommodation industries.Carbon emissions from the Games will also be significantly reduced through renewable energy, the introduction of hydrogen, natural gas and electric vehicles and the re-use of the 2008 Olympic venues.The Games are also the first to use natural carbon dioxide as a refrigerant to cool skating surfaces, rather than synthetic hydrofluorocarbons, saving another 26,000 tonnes of carbon.But while many aspects of the Games are designed to have a minimal environmental impact, there are undeniably still some unavoidable carbon emissions.Due to the winter Olympics affected by the climate, the winter was cold but the rainfall was very low, so water had to be pumped from other areas to make snow.Hosting the Games will consume 2.8 million cubic meters of water, enough to fill 1,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools, and the impact of pumping snow will generate about 3,000 tons of carbon emissions.Buildings such as Olympic venues and air travel by athletes, judges and officials, among others, contribute to unavoidable emissions.To offset these effects, about 60 million trees, including silver birch, oak and ginkgo biloba, were planted for the Games, which will reduce about 1.1 million tons of carbon dioxide, while Olympic sponsors contributed another 600,000 tons of carbon offsets.For China’s efforts, the international Olympic committee (IOC), said China is considering a wider range of emissions, invested heavily in renewable energy, as one of the 2060 the overall goal of carbon neutral, at the same time, Beijing Olympics achievement value lies in “proved a more extensive carbon neutral activity is possible”.In short, the success of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will have special significance during the epidemic period:Will inspire people around the world together to create a better future elements of science and technology make people witnessed the Chinese power double city let us feel the glory, inspire all the Chinese people’s self-confidence carbon neutral let green sustainable development become the future trend of the Olympic Games I am @ the sauce  of science and technology, technical background, senior operations, hundreds of originality plan signing creators, hundred and optimization plan on a list of the creator,Rooted in the field of air cleaning/new materials/energy conservation and environmental protection for 20 years, with a calm and professional perspective to bring you a different scientific understanding.Important disclaimer: the article published here is the author’s original work, the copyright belongs to the national science and technology jam, the picture comes from the Internet.Reprint please indicate the original author and source!