A novel coronavirus case was confirmed in Hengshui on New Year’s Eve

2022-08-23 0 By

On January 31st annual New Year’s eve 2022, hengshui city county in nucleic acid detection, find one COVID – 19 patients with severe, also the day of the Spring Festival in the the county-wide people, the county party committee and government in order to ensure the health of the people, have a peaceful and happy Spring Festival, decided to use the time of day, the county area to conduct a full nucleic acid detection, see this notice, I also surprised,At the end of October 2021, shijiazhuang shenze county, jinzhou city, and hebei province xinji city hosting the new crown outbreak occurred, then the male in the new city, in hebei province in January 2022, baoding laishui county, langfang sanhe new crown outbreak occurred one after another, think that New Year’s eve in 2022, hengshui city county have appeared in the new outbreak,This virus is also too cunning, now it is during the Spring Festival, especially many people looking for relatives and friends, the people of gucheng county should be more upset!But there is no way, the virus is not about time and kindness, so people in gucheng county should listen to the arrangement at home, do not go out, do not walk, do not visit, do not gather, do not spread rumors, do not spread rumors, wash their hands, wear masks, often ventilation.Actively cooperate, quickly and efficiently complete the detection work of the whole county, win the epidemic war, refueling gucheng county.