7 minutes 0 minutes, Liaoning men’s basketball shooters can not play a tough battle, Yang Ming has courage, twin star return

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7 minutes 0, the liaoning men’s basketball team striker played battle, Mr. Face there is energy, duo to return the liaoning men’s basketball team compared with shanxi basketball game start smoothly, with pg led, quickly pull open the gap, but at the last minute in the second quarter, shanxi men’s basketball team played a wave of 8 0, such defense let Mr. Is not satisfied.In the second half, Guo Continued his form, breaking into the lane to score, and the tempo of the game was faster.In the chaos of the war, to take advantage of the party is shanxi men’s basketball.Fortunately, Aaron guo was in good form and was able to respond in scoring.Shanxi men’s basketball foreign aid Field found the feeling, Liaoning men’s basketball offensive means reduced, most of them are Guo Ailun rely on personal ability to score, pass, assist Han Dejun basket is very easy to enter.Liaoning men’s basketball is simple, since Guo Ailun how to play how to have, let him handle the ball in his own place, simple pick-and-roll lunge can get the opportunity to score.Guo Allen himself played a wave of flow, the points gradually opened.The third section of the game is Guo Allen time, their own efforts to spend the game.After the rest of the 15 days after the Liaoning men’s basketball state did not decline, but is to let the veteran players full of energy, Guo Ailun’s condition reached the peak of this season.He played the entire third quarter and finished with 30 points and 10 assists.Fourth section Yang Ming did not sing gold retreat, continue to let Guo Allen, but did not play two minutes guo Allen rest.But he just came off the court.Liaoning men’s basketball offensive problems, the opponent played a 16-2 run, the point deficit to the single digits.The good news is guo Allen hot state, the problem is that there is no Guo Allen will not play, the game situation turned sharply, Guo Allen head back on the field, Morland partner Zhao Jiwei, Guo Allen better effect.Zhang Zhenlin’s breakthrough points and kills helped the team stop the decline. Liaoning men’s basketball team’s defense was in confusion. Fortunately, liaoning men’s basketball team had a relatively large lead before, which gave liaoning more opportunities for mistakes, and Shanxi men’s basketball team could not erase the 20-point deficit.Liaoning men’s basketball team won the game narrowly missed, although the opponent strong counter-attack in the game, but The Liaoning men’s basketball team are the top of the past.Yang Ming this game is very bold command, decisive adjustment in the game, the shooter cong Mingchen appeared 7 minutes 0, which let him the whole second half was abandoned, the game also proved that he can not play a tough battle.This will make liaoning men’s basketball rotation change in the next game, duo Guo Ailen and Zhao Jiwei were activated again, Guo Ailen finished with 40 points and 10 assists, returned to play MVP performance in his first game.His return did not affect the play of Zhao Jiwei, Zhao Jiwei sent 14 points and 7 assists, liaoning men’s basketball team completed the first game of a big victory, it is obvious that Liaoning men’s basketball team against shanxi team is a great advantage.After this got the match point, for the next game is very helpful, Yang Ming’s on-the-spot command also mature a lot.When being chased by opponents, adjustment is very timely, there is no timid situation of choose and choose, dare to let Moreland play full 8 minutes in the last section, the two sides of the second round of attack, Liaoning men’s basketball is expected to complete a 2-0 sweep, easy promotion.