Tianyin holdings acquisition of dongguan Vike 30% equity has been settled internationalization process on a new level

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On February 8, 2022, Telling Telecommunication Holding Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Titone”) announced the completion of the acquisition of 30% equity of Weike Terminal Technology (Dongguan) Co.,Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Titone Communications.The announcement said that as of January 30, 2022, Dongguan ViKE has completed the registration formalities of change in Dongguan Market Supervision Administration, and obtained the business license after the replacement, the transaction on the acquisition of 30% of the equity of Dongguan Vike is completed.After that, the Company and the parties to the transaction will actively promote and complete the relevant work after the completion in accordance with the provisions of the Transaction Agreement and the Shareholders’ Agreement.According to the previous announcement, Tianyin Communication, Dongguan Trust, CCB Trust and Jinweike Fund as the transferee plan to acquire 100% equity of Dongguan Weike held by Shenzhen Tianlong Mobile Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Tianlong Mobile”) at a transaction price of 1 billion YUAN.Among them, Tianyin communication intends to participate in the acquisition of 30% equity of Dongguan Vike with its own capital of 300 million yuan.At the same time, the four transferees will also provide A total of 500 million YUAN of operating funds to Vike Dongguan for daily operations by means of capital increase in accordance with the equity ratio, among which Tien Communication will increase capital to Vike Dongguan with its own capital of 150 million yuan.This transaction mainly involves the transfer of WIKO business and related assets. Tianlong Mobile will transfer WIKO business, part of fixed assets, intangible assets and important resources and qualifications to Dongguan Weike, including patented technology, trademarks, independently developed IT system and related equipment.After Tianlong Mobile completes the transfer of the above assets, Vike Dongguan will undertake WIKO mobile phone brand planning, research and development and other related businesses.As day which mobile brand, founded in 2011 in France WIKO brand has more than 10 years of experience in overseas operations, after operating for many years in Europe, southeast Asia and other places, has built a mature research and development system, the supply chain system, sales channels and operational resources, has great brand awareness, especially in France became well-known national brand,It ranked second in the French open market for four consecutive years.Under the synergistic effect, Tianyin holdings will also further expand overseas markets and continue to promote the international strategic layout.At present, by actively implement the “going out” strategy, integrated into the “area” construction actively, holding auditions overseas distribution network has covered Asia, Africa, Central America, four continents of Europe, with dozens of overseas subsidiaries as the basis, radiation of the united Arab emirates (uae), Nigeria, panama, Colombia, Peru, Germany, France, Spain, nearly 30 countries such as Pakistan,Overseas business with more than 340 international customers.As a leading enterprise of intelligent terminal distribution in China, Tianyin Holdings has been focusing on the industrial Internet development strategy and is committed to building a one-stop comprehensive service network for intelligent terminal products.The joint acquisition of Dongguan Vike, with the help of WIKO’s mature business of its own brands, supplier system, sales channels and operation resources, maximizes the channel advantages of Tiyin Holdings, with a perfect business model and flexible and efficient operation efficiency, to expand to the upstream of the mobile phone industry chain, the internationalization process will reach a new level.In addition, with the mobile phone industry in recent years from shenzhen to dongguan strategic transfer and the local government attaches great importance to and support, dongguan mobile phone industry gradually formed in the machine manufacturing as the main body, electronic components and modules, batteries and peripheral accessories complete pattern as the main form a complete set of industry chain, and gradually to the “smart” dongguan upgrade transformation.Under the strong cluster effect of shenzhen-Dongguan mobile phone industry, Tien Holdings will also benefit from the integration of resources of perfect high-quality industrial chain, and build Dongguan Vike into a mobile phone brand manufacturer focusing on research and development and sales, and further strengthen the leading position of shenzhen-Dongguan mobile phone industry to radiate the domestic and international markets.Disclaimer: This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice.advertising