The world’s first female AIDS researcher may be cured: be cautious

2022-08-22 0 By

An American woman with AIDS has been successfully cured after a stem cell transplant, us scientists have announced.The woman, who had acute myeloid leukemia in addition to AIDS, was treated with umbilical cord blood from a donor and a close relative provided blood to boost her immune system.Experts say the method enhanced a mutation that prevented HIV from entering her cells. She has now been hiv-free for 14 months.The woman is the first of three men who have recovered from THE disease using the same treatment.But scientists say the treatment, which is risky for those who are not already seriously ill and difficult to find stem cells that have their own defenses against HIV, is limited in scope but offers new hope for HIV sufferers.Scientists say the treatment works by using someone else’s immune system to replace the patient’s own.(Editing by Ruan Li Lao Xu)