The construction of Jingou River Wetland ecological zone in Baiyin District is expected to be put into use in May

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Jingou River Comprehensive management Project (Wetland Ecological Zone) is one of the major ecological projects and livelihood projects in Baiyin District, and is an important measure to practice the concept of “clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains” and accelerate the construction of ecological civilization.After the completion of the project, it will effectively improve the ecological living environment and air quality, regulate flood drainage and storage, and play a positive role in promoting the virtuous cycle of the ecosystem.Nowadays it is spring warming season. Although it is hot outside, the construction site of Jingou River Comprehensive Governance Project (Wetland Ecological Zone) in Baiyin District is a busy scene. Large machinery “waving” iron arm, excavating soil and gravel, mechanical roar and soil excavation sound together play a busy and orderly symphony of construction site.Yong-qiang ma all engineering construction co., LTD., gansu province, head of the field we began construction in May last year, so far has completed 85% of the total quantity, is currently the seedling planting, stone material and plank road pavement, is expected to be completed in May, after completion of silver in the protection of flood control play an important role,At the same time, it also provides a good place for citizens to relax and entertain.It is understood that baiyin District Jingou River comprehensive management project (wetland ecological Zone) with a total land area of 173179 square meters, green area of 80641 square meters, water area of 71,000 square meters, 2 landscape pavilions, pavement area of 7929 square meters, 2 new management rooms, public toilets, 4 viewing platforms, 116 meters of water trestles, road area of 5400 square meters,A leisure tea bar and street lights, monitoring, broadcasting, garden chairs, garbage cans and other supporting facilities.KouZongCheng all engineering construction co., LTD., gansu province as party branch secretary strictly carry out the epidemic prevention and control measures at the same time, we seize the time node, tree planting green, for seedling planting has been finished in a timely manner to ensure the survival rate, at present, the green water land subsidence and the completion of the project area of 80641 square meters, the planting of 2000 plants and shrubs.The Jingou River Comprehensive management Project in Baiyin District (Wetland Ecological Zone) will become an ecological corridor integrating green, ecological, environmental protection and leisure, and the harmonious coexistence of artificial landscape and natural landscape, to further meet the needs of citizens for leisure and entertainment and improve the quality of livable cities.Source: Baiyin District reporter/Zhou Shengli