The 21-year-old slaps herself on set, cuts her hair so deeply into the scene, and breaks down in tears

2022-08-22 0 By

Photos of post-00s actress Li Gengxi were released on Jan. 27.Before filming, In order to cultivate his own emotions, Lee would frantically slap himself in the face in order to accurately find the inner feelings of the character.Her movements are so forceful and loud that each slap echoes, and only after she has calmed down does she step firmly towards the camera for the shoot.Due to his deep involvement in the film, Li gengxi accidentally cut his own hair in the hair cutting scene, but he did not realize it.Or the director saw through the monitor, timely call to stop, to remind her of the matter.After filming, Lee gengxi squatted on the ground holding his hair and burst into tears, releasing his inner emotions.These scenes are from the TV series “Beyond,” and Lee has a very impressive performance in this new drama. Lee has also been in “no More Than 20,” “Little Joy,” and so on.Although she is only 21 years old, she makes every character look like a real person in life, without any sense of disharmony.In the entertainment industry, there are many young people born in the 2000s who show amazing talent and great potential for acting.Zhao Jinmai, who plays the heroine in the recent hit DRAMA The Beginning, is also very impressive. She was admitted to the Art examination with the first score in the Chinese Opera, and her touching portrayal of a kind-hearted college student in the Beginning has won many audiences’ recognition.Look forward to these 00 flowers can get better development, step by step, in the entertainment industry to obtain their own glory, send out dazzling light.I believe they have a bright future and will not let the audience down.