Sika on TES Auxiliary Zhuo: “IF I were a coach, I’d tell him to get lost.”

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, a spade a spade LPL spring this year so far ranking really surprise, a lot of landing a hat-trick of underachieving team before the game, has played five or six verlander ranking still very front, but many of the highly anticipated team before the game is recovered, even face the low-ranking team played hard, one of the most representative is the deep fight,Deep beat this team as a talent with the highest ceiling all class has been widely concerned, but this year’s deep cardiac really disappointing, countless friends and water have staring at the deep cardiac catch the ghost, and to the interpretation of the deep cardiac sica say “have this zhuo auxiliary deep stroke can’t play” familiar with the deep fight fans know, deep stroke every position upper limit of talent is a great team,But there are exceptions, the secondary position in the deep of fans have been failed to strive for to want auxiliary, now in deep cardiac assist zhuo’s position is considered to be the deep beat the weakest link, view support several auxiliary suppression to protect it should be the key ability, many zhuo water friends see players don’t have, so before in amd eye a incident,Zhuo players were searched by countless fans immediately after the left hand sharp review event and a water sharp review event, but many water friends think it is possible zhuo is just the back pot.But yesterday the deep cardiac dys west card game public duties zhuo, west card at the time of broadcast deep cardiac game is obviously with gas, “why choose a bloomberg out on the third floor.” “if I were the manager I directly to the assistant said you don’t play a hammer stone roll for me” words, such as gold can see out west card for zhuo the auxiliary views is very big,But this is absolutely not prejudice, because the BP idea of paddle for auxiliary position is really very strange, and more importantly, the operation ability of ZHUO players is really amazing, especially compared with the new generation of other auxiliary players is more obvious.Like to stroll BBS about zhuo brothers must have seen many players dynamic figure, in the dragon hole hammer stone strange, brilliant play residual blood fans were killed by the mother and the speed of light in five eyes to complete the task, to say besides sapphire blue, zhuo is auxiliary position and rice operating one of the most dynamic figure that, if one of the two well, after all, people are not perfect,Even meiko xiao Ming such a big heart auxiliary players will appear strange operation, but can contribute so many scenes in just a few games, it is true that zhuo players have some problems.So-called facts speak louder than words, whether zhuo players still in this state is bad, in the last few games zhuo’s problem is the biggest, but is not only the problem of zhuo, o water the same issue, the performance of the water o the last few games really make people can’t understand, sudden death, but there are a few games turn even proud of injury before did not arrive,In the game against OMG, He only did 10,000 damage. For a superstar player, he did a little bad.But then again LOL mobile game is just like the Beijing subway electronic screen blood converging attack, is in need of precision team to win the game, the hero alliance, especially the road under the confrontation, the road is the game of two people, so it is also possible because o zhuo food lead to water play, not brothers, what do see?