Ningyuan has started 10 major contracted projects with a total investment of 4.25 billion yuan

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Rednet Moment February 19th (Reporter: He Yonghui, Wei Yinghui, Li Fang) On the morning of February 18th, the first major projects in 2022 in the province and the first major projects in the city were started.Ningyuan conference was held simultaneously at the tianyu Auspicious project site in the western industrial new town of the county. Hu Yonggang, secretary of the County Party Committee, attended and announced the start of the project. MAO Zheng, deputy secretary of the county Party Committee and county head, presided over the meeting, and Liao Jinsong, Wu Xinbo, Li Suzhao, Jiang Hongbo, Qi Platform, Hu Red Light and other county leaders and relevant department heads attended.Ningyuan has a total of 10 projects with a total investment of 4.25 billion yuan.Among them, three projects, namely Tianyu Jixiang Science and Technology Industrial Park, Xinhewan Agricultural Products Complex and Shunbo Building Materials aluminum, have been started with a total investment of 3.05 billion yuan.The total investment is 1.2 billion YUAN, and 7 projects have been signed, namely, ten thousand fluorine electrolyte project, advanced optics and flexible electronic new materials, Yufeng Sports culture, Wandong fire fighting connector production, South Business logistics Park, Yimon fire fighting connector production, And Lichuang fire fighting connector production.Signing contracts for major projects every two months is a major measure taken by county party committees and governments to implement provincial and municipal decisions and promote high-quality economic and social development. Since its implementation in 2020, the event has been held 12 times, playing an important role in expanding investment, stabilizing growth and promoting development.Activities, the county departments at all levels should be anchored in yongzhou high quality at the forefront of “the goal request, concentrate on construction contract as an opportunity to regard development industry as the mission, grasp the project construction as hard, depending on the business environment for life, take out” the launching is sprint “drive and easily” is the start of the final “, comprehensive construction boom,Win the “wonderful” of the whole year with the “brilliant” of the opening year.At the scene of the event, Hu Yong Gang announced the centralized start of the project.