Kaifeng Seventh middle school held “double lead, double lead” staff gas volleyball match

2022-08-22 0 By

In order to further implement and implement the “double lead, double lead” work proposed by the Education and Sports Bureau of Kaifeng city, enrich the staff’s spare time life, and promote the health of the staff, kaifeng seven middle school labor union organized a “double lead, double lead” series of activities of “embrace spring, together to the future” staff gas volleyball game.Zhao Hong, secretary of the Party General Branch, Zhang Gang, president, Wang Yujie, vice president of the labor Union, Wen Xianhui, vice president Gao Gao took the lead in participating in this activity.The competition is divided into five groups: administration group, middle school group, senior High school group, senior high school group, senior high school group, senior high school group, senior high school group, senior high school group, senior high school group, senior high school group. The competition adopts single cycle points competition system, the implementation of the best of three games, 25 points per game.In the first game on March 24, grade one versus grade three, the two sides were evenly matched, the game was colorful.The second game is the administrative group against the junior group, the staff actively fight, struggle, you come and go, the game out of the level, the game out of the results.Outside the competition, teachers and students without classes cheered for their favorite group together.Applause, cheers reverberated in the playground, smile, happy in the expression.After the competition, the staff were determined to actively respond to the call of the education and Sports Bureau and the school to strengthen practice and exercise, improve performance, and promote health.We will continue the next round of the competition next week.It is hoped that through this air volleyball competition, the staff will be further inspired to participate in physical exercise and enthusiasm, understand the value and fun of physical exercise, so that more staff go into the sun, into the playground, enhance physical fitness, fight against COVID-19.Let us embrace the spring together, together to the future!Fu Haitao, Wang Yujie, Jie Kang, Cao Hongbing