In Xin ‘an Street of Hunchun City, the Spring Food community Association for the disabled carried out the “Off Year” soliciting and sending warmth activities

2022-08-22 0 By

On January 25, the Spring Grain Community of Xin ‘an Sub-district of Hunchun city, in conjunction with the Municipal CPPCC, the Disabled Persons’ Federation and Xin ‘an Sub-district, carried out a “Little Year” activity of soliciting and sending warm greetings to tian Chunhao, a disabled man living on subsistence allowance in his district, and sent him condolence money and festival blessings.The city CPPCC, the city disabled people’s Federation, xin ‘an street an act of spring food community disabled Tian Chunhao sent a condolence fund of 1000 yuan.During the visit, the leaders of the Municipal CPPCC talked with the disabled in a friendly way, asked the physical condition and living conditions of the disabled in detail, understood the needs and wishes of the disabled, and told Tian Chunhao to timely report difficulties with the community, encouraged him to maintain an optimistic attitude towards life, brave to face life.The words of concern warmed the hearts of the disabled. This warm activity solved the practical difficulties of the disabled, further enhanced the cohesion of the community disability association, and created a warm and peaceful community atmosphere.