He served as premier Zhou’s secretary, remained clean all his life and is still alive at the age of 104

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One night, the lights were off in everyone’s office, but premier Zhou’s office was still on. It must be Premier Zhou’s secretary song Ping who was still working with candles burning so late.In that revolutionary era, everyone tried his best to fight for the peace of the motherland, among them, some people shouldered the gun, on the front line of the war;Some hold a pen in hand and write with words the most generous passion;There are those who have lost everything to prepare military supplies for the war;Some, incognito, penetrated the enemy’s forces to provide information;Although their ways are different, they are doing the same meaningful things, and Song Ping is one of them who has made outstanding contributions to the country with pen in hand.Song Ping was born in a remote village in Juxian County, Shandong Province, but song Ping was very fond of reading since childhood, so even though the family was in a difficult situation, his parents did their best to support him when they saw their son like reading so much.Since childhood, Song Ping’s academic performance has been very good.Therefore, he was no exception in the college entrance examination and was successfully admitted by Peiping University with excellent results.But in the university, Song Ping’s teacher misunderstood song Ping because of something, but the development of the matter is very serious, so the school will give Song Ping a major fault.Song Ping knew that it was not his fault, so he did not accept the school’s decision in any way.In the face of such persistent Song Ping, the school finally held a meeting to discuss, can only expel his school status.The expulsion of his school status, meaning that Song Ping can not get the graduation certificate, but, Song Ping chose to drop out.But after dropping out, Song Ping did not give up on himself. He believed in himself, so he took the college entrance examination again.Finally, his grades lived up to expectations, even better than last year, and he chose to apply for Tsinghua University and was successfully admitted.After entering Tsinghua University, Song Ping took an active part in the activities organized by the school and got along well with his classmates and teachers. He became a good student praised by everyone.After graduating from college, Song Ping chose to go to Yan ‘an, the revolutionary front line, to contribute to national independence.After arriving in Yan ‘an, Song Ping entered the Party School of Yan ‘an. With his excellent academic performance, he stayed in the school after graduation and became a secretary. With his excellent working ability, he was arranged to be in charge of the news work of Xinhua News Agency in Nanjing.After song Ping joined the newspaper, he actively selected news, reviewed the press release, and delivered the most effective information to the people in the first time with both quality and quantity. Therefore, the newspaper sales increased significantly, and the news also reached the ears of Premier Zhou.Premier Zhou therefore attached great importance to the young man and wanted to meet him to see how skilled he was.So the newspaper took Song Ping as its representative and sent him to Yan ‘an to personally report to Premier Zhou.In the report, Premier Zhou immediately caught him, so after the report, they asked for a conversation with Song Ping, hoping that he could stay in Yan ‘an, as Premier Zhou’s secretary.Song Ping was very shocked when he heard the news. He felt that it was not true. It was a great opportunity for an ordinary person to get premier Zhou’s favor, so song Ping agreed without thinking.Working beside Premier Zhou, Song Ping was not careless at all. Regardless of the size of affairs, Song Ping kept a clear record, which was also deeply loved by Premier Zhou. Therefore, whatever he did, Song Ping would follow him.Over time, Premier Zhou recognized Song Ping’s working ability very much, so he began to recommend him to the organization on purpose, and Song Ping’s official position also began to rise higher and higher.However, song Ping was influenced by Premier Zhou. No matter how big his official position was, he kept a frugal life style and never abused his power or sought personal gain from it.Song Ping refused to accept anyone who gave him gifts, and even told his birthday to his family in order to avoid extravagance and waste on his birthday.In his later years, Song Ping was always keen on charity. With his support, the foundation specially set up a “Dream Realization class” in poverty-stricken areas of Gansu province for students who could not afford to go to school because of their poor families. Song Ping wrote the name of the class himself, hoping that every poor student could realize their dream of going to college.Even in 2017, Song Ping has been meeting and talking with the person in charge of the program to earnestly implement the enrollment of the dream realization class.Now, Song Ping old man is 104 years old, although the age, but his heart is moment never idle down, always concerned about their country and people, he had devoted his life to the country and our people, and he called the title “hero”, each of us should learn from Song Ping old man, he is our role model forever.