Drinking “student milk” during class breaks, strengthening nutrition is the simplest and most effective

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The new semester is about to begin, and students will be engaged in the intense study life again.In the face of the ensuing learning pressure, how to let the children can not only easily study, but also have a healthy body?It has been a topic of general concern for students’ parents and schools.Nutrition expert reminds broad student and parent, in diet respect, to be in the primary and middle school student of growth and development stage, drinking right amount of milk every day is reasonable strengthen nutrition the most simple and effective method.”Student milk” is the best choice to improve the nutritional status of children milk contains all kinds of nutrients needed by the human body, is an indispensable food for nutrition and balanced diet, known as “white blood”.Compared with other foods, milk is easier to preserve, more nutritious and easier to drink.The national “Drinking milk Program for Students” is a special program to improve students’ nutrition in primary and secondary schools across the country, aiming to improve the nutritional status of primary and secondary school students, promote their growth and improve their health.The National “Student Drinking Milk Program” is the first national special program to improve the nutrition of primary and secondary school students approved and implemented by the central government in China. It is the large-scale nutrition intervention program that covers the most area, has been implemented for the longest time and benefits the largest number of students.Since the implementation of the “school milk” plan, the local governments at all levels, under the support of the relevant departments, schools, fixed-point production enterprise, and active participation in the social from all walks of life, under the “school milk program” steady progress, gradually expand the coverage, increasing students drank the milk, at present the school school milk the daily supply, 18.45 million,It has benefited 26 million primary and secondary school students in 60,000 schools in 31 provinces.It plays a positive role in improving the physical quality of primary and middle school students.In 2009, experts from the Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a survey of 520 primary school students from grade 4 to 6 who drank milk frequently and those who drank less milk, and concluded that:Compared with those who drank less milk, the students who drank milk regularly had 1.2cm higher height, 0.6cm higher sitting height and 0.037g/cm higher mineral content of radius and ulna.Practice has proved that adhering to the daily drinking of “student milk” in school has played a positive role in effectively improving the nutritional status of students and promoting their healthy growth.As a nutrition intervention program for young children, “Student milk” always adheres to the principle of “safety, nutrition, convenience and low price”. It is not only a welfare for children, but also one of the best choices to improve children’s nutritional status.Many parents have wondered: “Why would their children drink milk at school when they usually do?”In the interview, many teachers also reported that most students are prone to fatigue and hunger after the second class, and often have inattention and low learning efficiency.To this, dietetics expert makes answer specially: because our country is in school primary and middle school student is having breakfast to eat bad, nutrition structure is unbalanced, picky food, be short of calcic, anaemia to wait for a phenomenon generally, the left and right sides of 10 in the morning supplement milk to the student, it is optimal absorb period of time.Milk can timely supplement the required nutrition, improve children’s attention and reaction speed in class, maintain a good state of learning.At the same time, the atmosphere of concentrated milk drinking in school can effectively cultivate children’s good milk drinking awareness and healthy habits, which is also an important reason why “students drinking milk plan” is promoted in school.Many parents agree with drinking “student milk” in school, but have doubts about how to ensure safe drinking.When it comes to the safety of “student milk”, experts mentioned in particular that the designated production enterprises of “student milk” have formulated very strict declaration conditions and approval procedures: raw milk must be in line with the provisions of fresh milk;Select high-quality milk source from designated pasture;Adopt instantaneous sterilization technology and aseptic packaging;Strict testing and supervision standards have been set up in the whole production process. Each package of “student milk” must go through 7 days of thermal insulation test and strict product testing before it can be distributed to the school.In recent years, in order to ensure safe drinking milk designated production enterprise management, strict specification enrolled to subscribe, distribution, storage, pick up the whole process, distribution, consumption, recycling, etc, set a unique standard system management process and specification, and define the relevant personnel responsibilities, ensure that every child to drink are all fresh and safe “milk”.In this regard, the national quality inspection department has carried out a large number of sampling tests on “student milk”, and the test results fully meet the requirements of national quality standards, which shows that “student milk” is reliable and safe “rest assured milk”.With the overall improvement of China’s social and economic conditions, the height and weight of teenagers have improved significantly, but the speed, explosive power, endurance and other physical indicators have declined, especially osteoporosis.Studies have shown that drinking milk can improve these problems and promote healthy bone growth.In June 2018, The General Office of the State Council issued the Opinions on Promoting the Revitalization of the Dairy Industry and Ensuring the Quality and Safety of Dairy products.The opinions clearly put forward that the “students drinking milk plan” should be vigorously promoted to increase product categories, ensure quality and safety, expand coverage, and comprehensively improve school food safety and healthy and scientific diet level.In order to let your child can really enjoy a nutrition and health, school is approaching, for the child to order a student milk, this is the best help to the healthy growth of children!This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com