Big changes are coming for health care, as the latest reading on family health care makes clear

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Are you an office worker?Do you have employee health insurance?Is your employee health insurance available to your family?Have you heard the good news that families of all ages can enjoy one-person health insurance?Don’t think it has nothing to do with you, with such a policy will be a lot more convenient.At present, the domestic Jiangsu Province nanjing city has achieved.It is self-evident how important family mutual aid medical insurance is for everyone, especially for employee medical insurance. Office workers all know that part of the insurance premium will be deducted from our monthly salary, which is used to pay the five insurances and one housing fund.The basic medical insurance for employees is the medical insurance in our five insurances and one fund.It and the new-type rural cooperative medical treatment that everybody uses commonly differentia depends on its safeguard scope wants a few bigger, oneself of the money in individual account of cure oneself can be arbitrary control, want to be in accord with the medical establishment that limits of reimbursement of insurance of worker decides a certain point only, can brush card consumption.Be in hospital outpatient service, be in hospital, buy medicine to wait a moment in drugstore, can settle accounts in real time with insurance card.Now, employee medical insurance realizes “family mutual aid”.Also mean, the welfare that only him worker can enjoy originally, its family member also can enjoy now.For this policy, China has a lot of areas to implement.1. Nanjing can see that, with this policy, in the stipulated conditions can also buy insurance, but also to their relatives.When the policy was implemented on April 15, 2021, many people went to the relevant location for consultation.Ms. Zhu, a citizen, said, “My parents’ medical insurance funds are used very frequently, and young people don’t use them very often. As my parents have some chronic diseases, it is more convenient to go to the pharmacy or go to the clinic. Today, I came here specially to deal with it, and transferred 2,000 yuan to my father for the part of the balance over 4,000 yuan.”He decided to give his family the part of more than 4000 yuan in his medical insurance card.At pharmacies, staff have made changes to the counter.”Such as blood sugar test paper, iodophor cotton balls and so on, have made the logo, the customer can introduce, before this part is not in the medical insurance, now can brush medical insurance.”In addition to Nanjing, the policy has been implemented in many other areas.These provinces and cities have implemented the policy, and the residents living in the local residents are not only happy, their families spend less money, but also have security, the quality of life of residents feel improved at a time.However, now, soon, in July – Taiyuan city will also implement this policy!In accordance with the unified deployment of the province, the municipal “Measures for The Implementation of Mutual aid Security in Outpatient clinics for Employees” was issued to reform personal accounts, and family mutual aid in individual accounts for employee medical insurance was implemented from July 1 to reduce the medical burden of outpatient clinics.Since April 1, the province has implemented the unified scope of chronic diseases and access (withdrawal) standards of medical insurance clinics for employees, adjusted the policy of chronic disease diagnosis for employees, reasonably determined the standard of treatment, and improved the quality and efficiency of handling services.Taiyuan city as the center of the city, Shanxi Province, is a place where all workers want to go, after the implementation of the policy, for their daily to see the doctor, in different family can be a health care, indeed, cow force ~ from personal expenses to family all aid account of individual of worker medical treatment to achieve all aid, is not only oneself, the family member can also enjoy the,It’s very convenient.First of all, insurance for general outpatient service, chronic disease and serious disease can be settled directly across provinces for medical treatment, and the cross-provincial settlement rate of hospitalization expenses reaches more than 70%.There were only some drugs covered, but now there are many more products.Secondly, the original only oneself can use, now as long as the family binding, relatives can also use.When the individual account has balance over the years, oneself and bound relatives can be used to purchase insurance.The most convenient way is to promote the one-code medical insurance system.In this way, insured people to see a doctor more convenient and convenient.For example, when you have 4,000 yuan in your medical insurance, you can buy medicine reimbursement when you get sick, but you need to spend extra money because the medicine you specify is not covered by your medical insurance.In addition, I also need to spend extra money on the insurance for the elderly in my family. In this way, the 4,000 yuan in the medical insurance is not spent in reality, but also a lot of extra money.After the implementation of this policy, they are bound to their families.The same 4000 yuan, they are sick to buy medicine, family sick to buy medicine can be used, less to buy medicine for family members, they and their families can also spend the money inside the annual physical examination.With the extra money in a year, you can buy insurance for your family.That way, you don’t have to pay for things that aren’t covered by insurance.In this way, the corresponding economic pressure will be reduced in the invisible.Can so many benefits of family mutual aid be enjoyed by all members of the family?The binding limits of individual account of family of the requirement worker is protected in all aid of family is close relative only, namely spouse, children, his parents, spouse parents.In some provinces and cities, there are many conditions for family mutual aid of individual account of employee medical insurance, such as: binding family mutual aid requires the balance of individual account of employee medical insurance of more than 2000 yuan of the crowd, a insured person can help the number of up to 5 people, some 7 people……Some regions also require a fixed balance in an account if they want to buy insurance for relatives.In any case, what is the requirement of family mutual aid or how much balance is needed? The implementation of this policy will bring us greater concessions and convenience.The implementation of individual accounts for employee medical insurance and family mutual aid shows that the society continues to encourage the grassroots to improve the treatment and health management level of CTS, so as to better protect people’s health.Rise!!!!People in society!- END – source: network of taiyuan tone without authorization Prohibited reproduced if there is any infringement Please delete link | editor: dudu | audit: kivin |