Australian Prime Minister Morrison has welcomed 16,000 people to Australia’s National Day celebrations

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▲ Morrison welcomes new citizens at citizenship ceremony in Canberra.As well as urging “solidarity” on Australia Day, more than 16,000 people took the oath of citizenship at citizenship ceremonies across Australia on Saturday.Despite the Novel coronavirus and Omicron strains, as well as the wet weather in the eastern states, australians are still holding out with barbecues and cricket matches in their backyards.Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison read a poem written by his daughter Lily at a welcome ceremony for more than 16,000 people to become Australian citizens in Canberra on Sunday.He praised Australia as the most “successful” multicultural country in the world and thanked its new citizens for their “great love of our country.”Mr Morrison also paid tribute to aboriginal people who have served in the armed forces.Although new citizen Ekta Kakkar and her husband Gurmeet Singh met in Australia, their homes in New Delhi, India, are only 40km apart.Ekta Kakkar, who runs a successful cafe in Canberra, said today was a big day for her and her young family. “I think it’s the beginning of a new journey, becoming an Australian citizen and definitely giving back to the community that has helped us so much,” she said.For Werner and Suzanne Du Plooy from South Africa, their family is complete after becoming Australian citizens today, as are their two Australian-born children.”It’s very emotional and it’s a long process…Finally two became four.”In addition to citizenship ceremonies, Australia Day celebrations have been held across the country.In Sydney, Central Desert artist David Miller lights up the sails of the Opera House with a projection called Goanna Songline.Australian and Aboriginal flags were later raised on top of the harbour Bridge as a symbol of harmony, where they will hang all day.In central Victoria, hundreds of people gathered by Lake Wendouree for ballarat’s third annual Survival Day dawn ceremony, which aims to recognise the impact of colonisation on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.Adelaide’s Australia Day celebrations included a smoking ceremony at Elder Park on the Banks of the Torrance river, where large crowds gathered to watch, although attendance was limited.In Darwin, Garramilla dancers led by Larrakia Aboriginal Lynette Fejo performed on the waterfront and local elders shared their stories.The Australia Day breakfast at Birswwood Swan River in Perth kicked off with performances by dancers Chilton Yarran and Thairon Jansen, as well as didgeriddo by Isaiah Walley-Stack.In Townsville, Australia’s largest garrison city, the Defence Forces Royal Guard of Honour, a 21-gun salute and a flyphoto are the hallmarks of Australia Day.▲Yao Shi (left), Melissa Gu and Bei took part in the celebration in Melbourne.January 26 is the day captain Arthur Philip first raised the Union Flag on Sydney Cogency and declared British sovereignty. It is also the day the aborigines were evicted.As well as celebrations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, several protests were held, including the Yaben Festival in Sydney.Unlike previous years, Sydney’s Invasion Day march was initially held in silence as participants observed a moment of silence to mark what they called the day of genocide.Thousands of people sat in the middle of Elizabeth Street for a minute’s silence before chanting a familiar protest slogan.”Always, always.””Rang out in the city’s central business district.The Australia Day parade through Melbourne’s CBD has been cancelled for the second year running and a planned Invasion Day rally has also been called off.But overnight, a statue of Captain Cook in St Kilda, Melbourne, was vandalized with red paint.Victoria Police described the protest as “ridiculous”.(Original title: Morrison welcomes 16,000 people to Australia Day event)