ALIENWARE X14 opens a new lifestyle with technology

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Not long ago, the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games held in the National Stadium once again amazed the world. The perfect combination of new technological aesthetics and traditional culture created a visual feast that was simple but not simple, ethereal but spectacular, warm and romantic.Digital art has grown wild and quickly become the trend of the younger generation.Of course, the development of digital art is inseparable from the iterative updating of productivity tools.No longer confined by electronic devices, the young generation can move freely from place to place, constantly searching and exploring in life, and inspiration arises spontaneously.A small, powerful laptop became their most reliable productivity tool.As such, the latest product in ALIENWARE X series, only 14.5mm thick ALIENWARE X14, attracted the attention of numerous fans and users once exposed.What dark technologies have been brought in for the ultra-thin fuselage?Will the lightweight ALIENWARE X14 find its way into more usage scenarios?And so on a series of questions, with the official release of ALIENWARE X14, revealed the answer.Powerful, portable, and thin electronic devices are the tools and medium through which most people explore new frontiers.In order to record the freshest spark of inspiration in daily life anytime and anywhere, portability and lightness of PC become crucial. ALIENWARE X14’s breakthrough 14.5mm thickness, 14-inch screen and innovative hinged design compress internal space, paired with dual torque components, on the basis of ensuring reliable performance,Make “anytime, anywhere” even easier.What’s more, only 14.5mm ALIENWARE X14 also supports the user to be capricious enough, from the inside of the light, just hold in your arms, you can be light at all times.In addition, ALIENWARE X14 adopts the new alien “prophecy” design, deconstructs the futuristic minimalist aesthetics, and the iconic LOGO, supported by the customized light effect of AlienFX games, reveals the personality colors exclusive to users. Dark Core vision is adopted on both sides and back of the body.The ports, interfaces, and vents of the machine are hidden in the rear of the fuselage.Provide users with perfect visual perception.As an easy-to-go ALIENWARE X14, the brand new alien “prophecy” design is adopted to show the minimalist aesthetics of futurism. Its representative positive LOGO highlights the “identification” and reflects people’s aesthetic expression.An ALIENWARE X14 is recognizable enough to make its mark on the world from different angles.ALIENWARE X14 ALIENWARE X14 ALIENWARE X14 ALIENWARE X14 ALIENWARE X14 ALIENWARE X14 ALIENWARE X14 ALIENWARE X14 ALIENWARE X14 ALIENWARE X14ALIENWARE X14 is more than just a lightweight productivity tool, it’s a stylish piece that fits the “face control” standard.Notably, the ALIENWARE X14 comes with a standard 130W Type-c gallium nitride miniaturized adapter with an 80Whr battery capacity and a new Type-C interface, bringing more possibilities to users.A portable ALIENWARE X14 can act as a “multimedia playing platform” for a group of people. With the support of Dolby Vision and Dolby panoramic sound, the Milky Way in Interstellar is integrated with the distant stars, which is the tranquility of the night and the deep immersion brought by science and technology.At this moment, Cooper seems to be pulling the heartstring of the universe in front of you. If the immersion ALIENWARE X14 brings you is not romantic enough, open a set of Forever The Lost together with three or five friends and enjoy the joy of night wind blowing and eating chicken in laughter. There is never only one kind of enjoyment.It’s as simple as that to enjoy a night of fun with friends, backed by the high battery life and powerful performance of ALIENWARE X14.Of course, with ALIENWARE X14, you can go out of the street at any time without carrying an adapter, study in the library for a day, even if the battery is short, a Type-C cable and a small power plug can make ALIENWARE X14 full blood resurrection;Even if you forget to bring your adapter on an emergency business trip, the new Type-C interface explains what is truly “versatile”.In the company of ALIENWARE X14, the compact ALIENWARE X14 won’t cause “use anxiety” for work, study or entertainment.It is the basis of creative inspiration to define what light, strong and strong performance is based on thin and light.ALIENWARE X14 with 12th Generation Intel ® Core?I7 processor, with 14 cores, 20 threads, 4.7ghz frequency and 35W power;NVIDIA® GeForce RTX?3060 Optical graphics card.ALIENWARE X14 retains the same CjO-Tech?Super heat dissipation architecture “escorts” its dual core, including element 31 thermal conductivity layer, double fan design, intelligent fan and other five components.ALIENWARE X14 multiple heat dissipation black technology, ensure dual core performance durable high frequency output.When owning an ALIENWARE X14, cryo-tech will have a group meeting lasting several hours in a poorly ventilated and closed environment, no matter for a long time editing work, or with a few friends for dark entertainment.Super heat dissipation structure’s efficient heat dissipation ability ensures a good experience of lasting use.Fast rendering, decent game frames and comfortable keyboard temperatures, the ALIENWARE X14’s steady cooling is a fixture of the Strong.On top of that, ALIENWARE X14 comes equipped with a 144-Hz, 100% DCI-P3, FHD (1920×1080) 14-inch three-narrow-edge display with Windows Hello technology and hardware-level blu-ray protection.NVIDIA G-Sync and Advanced Optimus technology, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, stereo and more realistic optimized visual effects, immersion is more than just words.Only with supporting peripherals can we fully experience the surprises ALIENWARE brings to users.The new AW720M three-mode wireless gaming mouse uses a new lightweight design, weighing only 89g, a symmetrical 3d gradient material to provide a stronger thumb grip, 26,000 DPI optical sensor and magnetic buttons to meet user expectations for high performance gaming mouse.Whether it is game or work, the “short and compact” AW720M is easy to do, especially in FPS games, a few pixels of error, will determine the outcome of the game, ultra-high DPI guarantee in the use of AW720M can achieve the eye to hand to, improve KDA is no longer difficult.Paired with the AW720M is the ALIENWARE all-in-one three-mode wireless gaming headset, the AW920H.It uses built-in active noise reduction and provides Dolby Panoramic sound immersive multidimensional audio with integrated touch control and multi-functional device connectivity to restore more realistic sound effects.The thinnest addition to the X series and the ALIENWARE peripherals have brought fans more than just that. 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