Xianhu Nissan Xiaoke discount 26,000 loans enjoy 3 years of 0 interest car gift package

2022-08-21 0 By

All the deals you want are here!!Network reserved car purchase customers enjoy the exclusive discount of Nanning Xianhu Nissan 4S shop, they need to register through the official platform of KEChedi, the method is as follows: You can call KEChedi 400 400-140-5231 or leave your information and contact information on the website page inquiry, go to the shop to find the electric sales Department to receive a beautiful gift, specific discount information is as follows:1, call 400-140-5231, make an appointment to see the car in the store, you can get a beautiful gift;2. Buy a car and send a gift package of ten thousand yuan;3, “0 interest”, “low down payment”, “low interest” and other schemes for you to choose;5. Replacement of Dongfeng Nissan new car with any brand model will enjoy a subsidy of 13000 YUAN;6, join the car care free member to enjoy maintenance discount;7. Recommend customers to purchase a car and give them a gift card;8. If you buy the car in full, you can be registered on the same day of working days.9. 24-hour rescue;Lifelong VIP VIP class exclusive service, car save trouble and worry;10, back to the shop maintenance that send 168 yuan of carbon without trace (professional fuel system cleaning) bus line: 87 road, 97 road, 98 road, 701 road, 704 road, 706 road “Tianchi Mountain” station off * call the shop or leave contact information that professional consultants contact you to get more preferential treatment!Store address: No. 14-1 xianhu Avenue, Qingxiu District, Nanning city (opposite tianchi Mountain), adhering to the first customer satisfaction of Nanning Xianhu Nissan franchise store sincerely look forward to your visit!The event will run from April 8, 2022 to April 11, 2022