What happens if “points add up”?

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Q: why does C1 get 12 points for driving license after increasing C1D? Isn’t it reasonable to get 12 points for driving and 12 points for cycling?There has been a deep interpretation of this issue, perhaps in obscure terms, or many readers said they could not understand;In fact, this is a very simple truth, the increase in driving is quasi-driving type, and there is no “extra points” on the increase in driving, there should not be such a setting.Most family mobility car users hold C1/C2 driving license, and consider motorcycle license when commuting by bike. Secondly, they can apply for B2 and A3 directly, and then choose to increase driving licenses of other purposes.If scores were allowed to add up after driving, perhaps no one would dare to drive on the road.F light motorcycle +12E ordinary motorcycle +12D all motorcycles +12C1 small minivan, +12C2 automatic C1 model, +12 Regardless of the time cost, if you want to have a lot of points on the driving license, you can increase your driving once after the internship period.So the result C1+D/E/F = 48 points, C2+D/E/F = 48 points, if there is still time and energy, then to increase the A/B driving license, all the increase can be A score of 100 points within A scoring cycle, what will be the result?To be a little rude, you can figure it out with your ass!The original intention of driving license scoring is to make drivers have awe of traffic laws and regulations. No one is born to abide by the rules. Human nature is evil.The theory of goodness only forms public order and good customs or moral norms under the constraints of rules (laws and regulations), and then plays a benign guiding role in the development of a person’s character.Even under such constraints, most people still think about how to exploit loopholes, such as “want to fish”, which is the embodiment of human nature.So if the driving license can be “accumulated superposition score”, this will be the biggest loophole, will directly threaten road traffic safety;12 points a year plus six points offset by the learning assessment, in the specified scoring cycle without a full score record is equal to 18 points, this standard will be considered by some drivers not enough!Why not?As a result of his disregard for traffic laws and regulations, he frequently drove motor vehicles in violation of regulations.When 12 points are recorded at one time, the driving license will be revoked, and the driver can get the license again after taking the traffic law examination. This process not only teaches the driver a lesson through the cost of time, but also enables him to have a new understanding of road traffic safety.After you score 24 points, you have to take the road simulation test again, which will be more expensive, so you will think twice about whether you should break the rules while driving.On the contrary, if a driver can get the top 100 points by increasing driving, if the total score is added up and the scores are not scored by different types of vehicles, the result is that he will not care about the violation of traffic lights, driving on the wrong side of the road and stopping illegally.Even if the points are scored separately by vehicle type, the road becomes A playground for “players” who can spend two months on A motorcycle and two months on A car, and then drive A/B large-size rv for half A year after the points are deducted.The problem lies in the “score, cycle and binding force”. The limit standard should not be changed, otherwise it will be infinitely loose. For drivers who do not care about the fine only in the score, and now do not even care about the score, the driving license almost becomes a “pass”.And for other vehicles including non-motor vehicles and pedestrians is bound to be a disaster, these dare to wanton violation of the car, of course, will have high insurance, can ignore the traffic laws and regulations on the conduct, coupled with the protection of insurance, the road will inevitably become a track.Therefore, driving should definitely not add points, otherwise “a scoring cycle” will no longer be 12 months, but depends on how many driving licenses you have;The increase in driving is just to increase the quasi-driving type with driving license, which is to improve driving ability. As for driving trucks, buses or cars after promotion, it is your own choice. The increase in driving itself has nothing to do with the scoring period and penalty rules, so it should not be far-fetched to confuse the two.Edit: Tianhe Auto- Auto science Island and MCN published, copyright reserved like our content please like attention oh