The body appears inflammation, go antiphlogistic with medicaments only a kind of method?

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According to our cognition and habits, as long as there is inflammation in the body, it feels sick, because it will be very uncomfortable, so immediately to take medical measures to carry out anti-inflammatory, eat anti-inflammatory drugs, go to the hospital infusion, and even use hormones.Is inflammation really so terrible?If you understand inflammation, you will change your mind!Inflammation is a protective mechanism that controls harmful factors and cleans up damaged tissue.In general, inflammation is beneficial.It’s the body’s automatic defense response.Although it can be harmful to the human body, it can be sometimes.Most people don’t know that when we feel or detect inflammation, our immune system is already working!Inflammation requires two things to happen at the same time: damage to the body’s tissues and organs;Second, the body’s immune system notices the damage and begins to deal with it.The human body is only damaged, whether by bacteria, viruses, or trauma, if the immune system is not working, it is impossible to develop inflammation.Another way to think about it is that when the body has an inflammatory response, it is the result of the immune system having started to automatically suppress inflammation.However, very few people know this principle, as long as there is inflammation, use drugs to reduce inflammation, no matter how hard the immune system works, the result is that the inflammation is eliminated, your immune system is also killed, it takes a long time to recover.The right way to reduce inflammation is to give our body’s immune system enough support.The first is the need to rest, reduce consumption, so that the body can mobilize the energy in the body;The second need to supplement high-quality protein, vitamin C and other nutrients, support the immune system;Third, light diet, reduce the body burden, get more nutrition;Fourth, drink more water and juice to help the body detoxify and clean up metabolic waste.Most of the common inflammation we encounter is suspected of being overtreated, ignoring the body’s own immune system.The result is constant inflammation, constant treatment.Only with the correct method, the body inflammation after the damage, can be relatively complete repair.