“Report commander: charming wife to check guard” military district gossip: commander married wife, 7 days did not go out!

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Hello everybody baby hello, are you in the situation of book shortage recently, do not know what to read?Today recommended, can be described as my heart love!!I believe you will like it!Today xiaobian to recommend: “report commander: concubine to check guard” military district gossip: commander married wife, 7 days did not go out!Introduction: In a previous life, she cheated on him and abandoned him;In this life, he gave himself all his indifference;”Is the handsome man free?My husband is rich…”Into the pit guide: Lu Xiao is immersed in meditation as did not hear the words of Gao Jian general just want to nod, but in the bed like a kitten crouching wang Xiaopan, crying with a tearful person like, tightly grasp the corner of the quilt, terrified looked at Lu Xiao, she now can not be a little frightened.If handed over to the police then Wang Xiaopan will also be caught in the storm of public opinion, she also saw from wang Xiaopan’s eyes that she did not want to make things big.Then slowly shook his head, in Gao Jian saw Lu Xiao they do not plan to report to the police, immediately beaming: “Calculate your sense, don’t hurry gu……!”His words have not said that finish, Lu Xiao three steps and do two steps to the bed, disgusted with the glance of Gao Jian, directly lift big long legs, in the eyes of all the consternation of the heavy one foot chuai in Gao Jian’s body, can not resist this heavy one foot, Gao Jian directly from the bed rolled to the ground.Before Gao Jian could stand up, it was dark again. Lu Xiao pulled gao Jian up with his heavy fist, hit gao Jian in the face and cursed him, “What were you going to say?Say, aren’t you very arrogant?”Gao Jian raised his fist and just wanted to resist, but when he stood up, he was not as high as Lu Xiao’s shoulder. In front of Lu Xiao, his body looked like a little girl. Lu Xiao grabbed his fist and threw it hard.Then he punched Gao Jian in the chest again. He was already a little dizzy. After a while, there was blood on the corners of his mouth and black and blue on his face.It seems that after a violent beating, Lu Xiao is also a little tired, took out a handkerchief to wipe his hands, at this time the door has been surrounded by hotel staff, some people see this look some gentle person wall that decadent figure violent beating.Can not help cold breath, far away, for fear of getting a fist!(Click the following link to read the novel) The second book: “Hidden marriage sweet Wife: Engine master pet marriage without measure” introduction: in a rainy transaction, the unknown ginger sugar became the hidden marriage wife of investment bank big man Lu Yeqing.After three years of marriage, she was a moth to the flame, he stood firm.White moonlight divorce, she felt it was time to retire, he went back on his word in advance, will she eat into the stomach.Coldface qing ye second change pet wife crazy demon, ginger candy sniffily touch chubby belly, scold him bastard.”Bastard?”A big guy who is cooking frowned, “I’m just investing.”Not just a big gift, but a double baby.The more she thought about it, the more strange it became. Lu Yeqing had never taken care of what she learned to do.Hidden marriage for a few years, she in addition to the occasional need to be brought back to his home lu Lei xing nausea, basic do not need to do anything.Even the one four months ago was the first time we had been married.Since he never cares about her, what reason does he have to care whether she is paparazzi or not?Unless it’s for Wei Sun Yin.She seriously doubt whether Wei Sun Yin really and he have a leg, just yesterday just touched the land night qing mildew just be treated in that way, after all…She hadn’t really heard much of their previous conversation.At least they were fine until Wei took off her clothes, and Lu did nothing to Wei.Gingersugar thought he might…I caught the real one.Because Wei Sun Yin was photographed and he met, so he was dissatisfied with her being a paparazzi.She could think of no other reason.But when she thought about it, she was a little…Uncomfortable.The dense feeling of congestion began to spread from the fingertips to the whole body. Jiang Tang shook his hands and whispered, “We have decided not to follow Wei Sun Yin.But the other actresses can’t promise, and even if I see you dropping it, neither can any of my colleagues.””…But I won’t change my job.”Ginger candy lowered his head, tone in addition to resolute, has not heard too much feeling.Lu Yeqing moved her finger with the project book and looked at the driver in the front row: “Back to Nanzhuang.”Nanzhuang is the master.Ginger candy a listen, leng leng, busy way: “no!No way!”Turning to Lu Yeqing, Jiang Tang managed to put on a smiling face and hurriedly said, “I told you I still have work to do. We have been following you for many days.I’ve been here all day. I haven’t eaten anything. I’ve only had two sips of water.Lu Yeqing, why can’t we not go today?I……””Today is the anniversary of mom’s death.””Even on the day of my death…Death?”Ginger candy is very worried, then found wrong, “is…Gentleman…”Land night qing voice insipidity: “you are her daughter-in-law.”This word, what explain to say is not the present madam seat that Lu Lei goes to make, however hair wife, namely land night qing’s birth mother Jun huan.Married for three years, Lu Yeqing never took her to worship once jun Huan.Ginger sugar slightly swallow, for a long time, she licked the lips, way: “that I also want to hand over with colleagues.Leaving without saying anything wouldn’t be good for their efforts these past few days.I’ll check it out and call my boss to get someone to take over.”Say that finish, she return fear land night qing does not agree, to land night qing rub rub a hand, language belt beseeching: “beg you.”Lu Yeqing glanced at her and nodded.With this consent, Ginger candy immediately took out his cell phone and got out of the car.I call Hanle, and the wailing starts again.But he still said he’d take over.And so on for a while, such as colleagues back, ginger candy said once, chuai bag out of the parking lot.Not much, the bentley of land night qing open, gingersugar carefully ground car, land night qing 晲 come over.Do paparazzi four months, ginger candy is not as young as the beginning, dress is to low-key humble walk.As soon as she got on the bus, she looked exactly the same as a college student in a gray coat, cap, white short-sleeved jeans and a dusty bag.(Click the following link to read the novel) The third book: “Hidden marriage sweet Wife: Zhan Shao, strong pet” Introduction: Marry Zhan Shao three forbidding: not allowed to touch him not allowed to see him not allowed to approach him one meter close.Good good, white book sweet all agreed, happy over.But who was near her?Who touched her?Your word is not your word.Guide into the pit: Zhanwei stared at this man, as if the territory suddenly came to an extra thing, very martial.”And you are?”Qi Xiusen is still very polite to ask him, also heard the room inside the noise.”A, A,” “ha ha, I drew A oh, little sister you lost.””Ha ha, I stick I stick, in come in, I don’t believe can’t win you.””Good, otherwise small elder sister I let you a dish.””No.””Little sister has a backbone.”Cithewson understood. It was the cute baby in the airport. He raised his hand and knocked on the door.Inside special impatient roar: “who ah?””It’s me.”Qi Xiusen was obviously stunned.Zhan Wei’s mouth slightly curved, a faint smile, but fleeting.The door swung open.Two men see white book sweet face pasted a piece of paper, appearance is very lovely.Zhan Wei’s face fell.When she saw Zhan Wei, she was so sick, her legs were so weak.This sick bastard.I don’t know how she ended up in front of her house.Bang – the door slammed shut again.She had her back against the door and her hand on her chest.When the little boy saw Zhan Wei, he was so happy that he ran over and didn’t have time to say hello to zhan Wei.I saw her at the head of the door, standing at her leg and looking up at her curiously.”Little sister,” “Well, why did you, your father come?”She crouched down and looked at him, wondering what to do.”Ha ha, do you mean less fighting?”Undaunted, the toddler bypasses her to the door and opens it on tiptoe.The two men looked gray.Qixiusen temper or very good looking at her smile, “sweet, how is this going on?”She had to find out. If she didn’t find out, he felt like a thorn in his side.Bai Shutian only felt that there was a bright light above her head, as if to penetrate her.She couldn’t even look at zhan Wei’s cannibalistic face.”Ha ha, it is so,” bai Shu Sweet was to explain to him, but turned to think, wrong ah.Staring at Qi Xiusen again, “Aren’t you on your honeymoon with Bai Qing?How come I have it?””Sweet,” Qi Xiusen wants to come forward general, seize white book sweet shoulder of time, be kicked open by a person.The one who kicked him was Victor.Zhan Wei leaned against the door frame, his eyes resting on Bai Shutian’s face, his thin, bloodthirsty lips softly pressing. “Come here, kiss me.”(Click the link below to read the novel) The above is all the novels introduced to you today, if you like it, hurry to read it, don’t forget to bookmark and share!Past wonderful content review: see “army little you wait” her 18 years old adult ceremony, was abstinent major carry back barracks, the next day was promoted to military wife “carry space good farming” she returned to the drought years, space fertile land million acres, rich raise three soldiers brother!”70’s small jiao Daughter-in-law” she woke up from the 70 army courtyard, into 18 years old pregnant delicate military sister-in-law “big guy has been waiting on me for a long time” she wore a scheming female, never as a demon, but was sick Jiao big guy is watching “100 billion children’s brides” she 5 years old mistake drill into ruffian young handsome bed, he gently coax: lovely, daughter-in-law