People’s Daily praised Shendong Village, Lintong, Xi ‘an: Happy canteen has delicious food

2022-08-21 0 By

Happy canteen rice fragrant thick (New Year walk grassroots) “a year’s plan depends on spring, farming time and so on.”Liu Xiaohong, a villager in Shendong Village, Lintong district, Xi ‘an city, Shaanxi province, works in a fruit shed early on the 15th day of the First lunar month, the Lantern Festival.At noon, patting the soil on her body, Liu Xiaohong walked into the village’s “happy courtyard canteen”.”Chef, what’s for today?””Little wok, make whatever you want!”During the Spring Festival, in order to facilitate the surrounding villagers to prepare for spring farming, Shendong village “happy courtyard canteen” in advance of business, the hall hung red lanterns, people coming and going, food fragrance, full of flavor.In November 2021, the “Happy Yuan Dining Hall” opened, adopting a “market-oriented operation mode led by the village collective”. Villagers can have a meal with meat and vegetables for 5 yuan.”The ‘Happiness Courtyard Restaurant’ not only solves the problem of having meals for left-behind elderly people, but also guides the villagers to practice strict economy on red and white matters and do a good job of changing customs and customs.”Shendong village party branch secretary Wang Xianwu said.There’s more than one good thing.On November 29, 2021, shendong Village welcomed the free bus service, allowing villagers to travel between Lintong, Yanliang and Shendong village for free.Have a meal to have a livelihood, the village entrance sits the bus, results from the village collective economy grows.”The collective economic income of Shendong Village will reach over 1.3 million yuan in 2020, and more than 2 million yuan in 2021.”Wang Xianwu introduced that the village through the villagers’ land shares, capital shares and other forms, has been in dingfeng agricultural modern industrial park, Yousen garden nursery base, Tianhui Dairy Co., Ltd. and other enterprises shares, play a role in the collective equity drive, while improving the villagers’ economic income, let the village collective equity dividends more considerable.