Last year, the growth rate of a-level scenic spot ticket revenue ranked first in the province

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Recently, according to the statistics and evaluation team of Zhejiang Provincial tourism class, in 2021, the ticket revenue of Jiangbei A-level scenic spots reached 65.8592 million yuan, with A year-on-year growth rate of 277.9%, ranking the first in the province. At the same time, in 2021, our area received 3.9565 million domestic and foreign tourists, realizing A total tourism revenue of 5.746 billion yuan.A number of data marks that jiangbei regional tourism quality improvement results continue to show.In recent years, the district has cultivated and created 4 national 4A level scenic spots and 3 national 3A level scenic spots, and won the first batch of national tourism and leisure blocks, national night culture and tourism consumption agglomeration area, national rural industry integration development demonstration park, provincial tourism resort, etc., and the proportion of high-quality b&Bs is leading in the city.As fashionable landmark YongCheng culture, the first batch of old bund area clear national tourism and leisure blocks function orientation, further deepening the elaboration startup configuration layout, promoting sanjiang vigil, city night light show, a food web celebrity shop, fashion art center, upgrading the formats of building ningbo first open immersion acting “into play, the old bund” urban cultural brand project,And held the second “Bite to Bite — Cee Cuisine and” Poetic Zhejiang: A Thousand Bowls in a Hundred Counties “cultural Exchange activity.In another important tourist scenic spot in the north of jiang-Cicheng ancient county, Confucius Temple, ancient county government, school officials hall and other 8 key historical and cultural attractions continue to integrate and improve;Cong Ma He Traditional Culture and Life block, south old block (Cicheng old railway station), Feng Ding Truth Garden and other open;We will complete the construction of “ten infrastructure facilities”, “ten parking lots”, “ten hotels” and “ten guest houses”.A batch of cultural and creative, intangible cultural heritage, cultural expo, catering and other tourism brands continue to accumulate, the infrastructure continues to improve, the ancient county popularity, commercial gas further gather.In 2021, cicheng Ancient county received 3.367 million tourists and realized business revenue of 77.83 million yuan, with year-on-year growth of 185% and 312% respectively.It is worth mentioning that, with the construction of “Lingshan Ci Water ecological leisure belt” boutique line accelerated, scenic spots and greenways in our area in series into a chain.Caiyun Road, which connects cicheng ancient county seat, Baoguo Temple and Sunhu provincial tourism resort, has been fully opened to traffic. Meanwhile, the softening and integration of tourism elements of key villages and villages along the road has been continuously promoted, as well as the reconstruction of facades of houses along “Yichuang Anshan” and Caiyun Road. The whole rural scenic area is advancing at full speed.At the same time, jiangbei related culture and tourism supporting service facilities are more complete.The District Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau continues to optimize and improve the construction of jiangbei intelligent culture and tourism information service platform, focusing on “one-machine tour of Jiangbei”, continuously improve the quality and expansion of cultural and tourism application scenarios, enhance the intelligence level of scenic spots, improve the cultural and tourism big data platform, cultural and tourism public service platform, cultural and tourism data warehouse and other system functions.To realize the industry supervision, visual analysis and emergency response of key cultural tourism venues and new forms of business in the whole region.At the same time, complete the design and installation project of the whole region tourism signage guide system, design and layout of the main entrance of the traffic “spirit fortress”, the main road and the highway traffic signs guide board a total of 85 points.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: