Gong Jun in red pants and Li Danni in tiger sweater at CCTV’s Lantern Festival rehearsal

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CCTV has begun rehearsals for the Lantern Festival gala, with many stars showing up for rehearsals because there are only four days left until today’s performance.Gong jun didn’t perform in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, so he took part in the Lantern Festival gala. However, gong Jun’s singing was not so good, and it was not his first time on the CCTV stage, so he should have come prepared.After more than a year of fame, a lot of things have happened, but Gong Jun is still conscientious in acting, so the wind evaluation is still good, can appear on the CCTV stage, will get more people’s attention.Last year, gong Jun starred in three TV series broadcast, three TV series boot, it can be seen how popular he is, but the quality of the performance of the TV series, the response is not very big.Dressed in a black down jacket and a tiger sweater, Li Sanni also seems to be hoping for a prosperous year of the Tiger.It seems that Li Danni did not take part in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala performance, so this time maybe she will sing and dance in the Lantern Festival gala. Since she made her debut in “Sister Who Waves”, Li Danni has been rising in popularity all the way, and she is also a popular singer, who is very cool and handsome.Zhou bichang also wore a black jacket and cotton jacket to the rehearsal. She was also absent from the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, which also featured Li Yuchun.Zhou Bichang strength or strong, in the singing circle has been popular for 17 years, is still very hot.It looks like she may also be singing, whether solo or in chorus is unclear, but usually in chorus.Wan Qian seems to have taken part in a rehearsal for the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, but later the show was cancelled, in fact the show was also cancelled zhang Jie, Xie Na only appeared in the video, did not appear on the Spring Festival Gala stage.Wan Qian is estimated to be either singing or performing skits, last year in the Spring Festival Gala with Ren Jialun, Zhang Kaili, Zhang Guoqiang and other actors in a skit.CAI Chengyu also appeared in the rehearsal, it is reported that there is Zheng Yunlong, they may want to sing together, these are extraordinary singers, they have been on the CCTV stage for many times.It seems that the weather is not very cold, CAI Chengyu is not wearing much.MAO not easy lost a lot of weight, looks very slim, he may also sing songs, I wonder if he sang with others?Shang Wenjie also participated in the rehearsal of the Lantern Festival. She must also be a singer. Last year, she filed a lawsuit against Tseng to terminate her contract with him.Liu jia participated in the rehearsal of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, but later the show was also cancelled, so he took part in the Lantern Festival gala instead, and was taken by the actors backstage.Zheng Yunlong also appeared in the Lantern Festival party rehearsal, was also taken the wrong way, he is also singing, CAI Chengyu in the estimated chorus?Zhang jie was absent from the rehearsal for the Lantern Festival gala, which is usually held at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. He had attended four rehearsals for the gala before the show was cancelled.After zhang jie and uproot shayna couples involved in mediation “jump”, later mr.zhang qihuai lawyer explained, because the agency and uproot shayna no contract could not be prosecuted, and agents to take pictures of zhang jie and uproot shayna and family, but involves the infringement of rights, it will introduce two hot, produce some bad evaluation,But at present did not see Zhang Jie has attended the news of the Lantern Festival party rehearsal.Gong Jun goes to work for CCTV Lantern Festival gala Reuters #