Debrecen University School of Pharmacy first science competition concluded

2022-08-21 0 By

Debrecen University School of Pharmacy’s first science Competition has concluded, with high school students who performed well in the natural sciences in the framework comparing their knowledge.Otto Tatai is a student at Doczy Grammar School in Debrecen, first by Lucien Lemaitre, second by Laszlo Nemeth High School in Hodmezvasarhely,Second place went to Gyula (GYKTV) student Akos Ferenczi round, which was also the final of the competition.A total of 15 high school students answered questions on chemistry, biology, physics and pharmacy in a competition held by college instructors on Friday.In the first round of the last GYKTV competition, high school students presented their favorite science experiments in a three-minute video, which was submitted to the jury with a short scientific explanation.A total of 42 such videos arrived at GYTK from around the country,It includes Sopron, Salgotarjan, Tiszafured, Mező kovacshaza, Satoraljaujhely, Nyiregyhaza, Vasarosnameny, Miskolc, Godoll ő and Kiskunhalas.In the second round, the finalists are the top 10, as judged by experts, and the five who have garnered the most audience votes on social media sites.(The most-voted video was made by Lemaitre Lucien, who received more than 1,300 nominations.)The final was decided in three rounds.First, participants each had to answer 40-40 scientific questions.Second, participants “duel” with each other.In the final round, the scores on the quiz again form the final order.GYKTV first place will receive 100,000 forints cash prize, second place will receive 50,000 forints and third place will receive 30,000 forints.In addition, five special prizes containing valuables were awarded.- Our faculty’s goal was to create a competition where students with similar interests could meet, become familiar with pharmacy duties, gain insight into university training, and try interesting tasks at the same time, says Ildiko Kovacsne Bacskay, associate dean of Education at Debrecen.’They think it’s very important to keep the pharmacists supplied, so I want to make this a regular event in the future,’ the dean added.