Byd Zhao Changjiang again revealed the story of high-end brand MPV: electric sliding door on both sides

2022-08-21 0 By

Mr. Zhao Changjiang, director of byd high-end brand Preparation Office, once again interacted with users on his Weibo platform for the first luxury MPV.He said, “After looking at the electric sliding doors of some models, the biggest feeling is that they should have both sides, otherwise I really don’t know which side is electric.”Obviously, the first MPV of BYD’s high-end brand will have a double electric sliding door!The news about the MPV machine, so far has been exposed in the 7788 s, make a summary: byd high-end MPV will adopt the layout of the 7, 223 seats, positioning high-end, ikea appropriate ShangZheng, hybrid and pure electric, a comprehensive range of 800 kilometers, support quick charge, the ground clearance is 15 cm, convenient getting on or off, will use the double electric sliding door at the same time.From the interaction with weibo users, we also learned other information about the MPV: 1.2. The third row can be placed flat and stored in the trunk 3.The appearance is designed by an exclusive new design team. 4. Air suspension may be optional.From a picture of BYD’s new car planning for the next 3 years spread by the Internet, we can see that BYD’s high-end brand will be produced in hefei factory. There is a new car planning for a C-class MPV, but it is not named after “Xia”, but “Ming”.It is expected to be available in 2023.Meanwhile, the previously revealed high-end off-road of the first high-end brand car also appears in this table.This is further evidence of what high-end brands are about to announce.According to Mr. Zhao and people close to BYD, the high-end brand will be officially launched this year.Author: Sun Yufei Source: First Electric Network (