2 days countdown!This ancient street Spring Festival carnival fantastic tour hit

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From the first day to the 15th day of the first lunar month (February 1-15) 9:00 to 21:00, Xinghua Historical and Cultural District invites you to have a cultural year!Ancient street Spring Festival not closing time dialogue, Lin Girl throw hydrangea, xinghua recruitment order, food feast, street artists show……All kinds of wonderful activities do not stop!The Post Office — Letters for the Future The New Year is coming.Gone out gradually in the New Year arrival time invite you to express the form of a letter sent to your future self time tunnel in the five-arched feeling a digital products, and products, modern shoes clothes, old objects and antiques bring unexpected collision the god of wealth to send blessing, flower basket yingqin, such as folk performances, to reassess the five-arched familiar with the taste of spring breeze blow to the best of luck,Spring flowers to decorate warmth in addition to throughout the entire block XingHua recruiting county lane will also launch a jubilant colorful traditional folk activities, boisterous throw a ball, the god of wealth to send flower basket escort vehicle drum performances such as performance, dragon dance to carp brings visitors strong festival atmosphere, deep aftertaste. I wish you a happy and peaceful characteristics of traditional Chinese years project – XingHua recruitment to collect almsSoldiers make will be in lane county, the temple gate, mill lane, a backstreet’s intermittent activity four mysterious project allows you to experience the ancient fun entertainment experience are done customs clearance and coupon’s waiting for you to get to the original’s residence – watching a old memory, cultural charm is known as the “song and yuan dynasties living fossil” of the national intangible cultural heritage projects PuXianXi fragment appreciate the ancient one thousand – year – long historyOld song kind of cash cow “watching the play” to listen to the network red tell ancient Yang Jincheng folk story……To create a public leisure corridor integrating intangible cultural heritage food, characteristic food and leisure food to enjoy putian local unique food culture (photo:Cai Hao) XingHua mansion historical and cultural blocks exhibition will be shown with rich, beautiful pictures XingHua mansion of long history and local conditions and customs take you read custom culture, history, heritage Lin Yangzu former residence — a busker performances in Lin Yangzu street artists will be singing the small square in front of the former residence of the public, instruments, painting, variety, such as performance,Show the charm of the collision and integration of tradition and modern, history and fashion. “Ten Tunes and eight Music” is a former national intangible cultural heritage project of the provincial cultural protection unit. “Ten Tunes and eight Music” will show you the unique folk music activities in Puxian areaFESTIVAL is waiting for what!From the first day to the 15th day of the first lunar month (February 1-15), we will meet you at xinghua Historical and Cultural District from 9:00 to 21:00 every day.Sincerely wish you a happy and prosperous Year of the Tiger!Tiger Tiger alive!Source: Licheng Online Rector: Yang Meiqin Editor: Lin Rongyou