What is fujian dualism?Binary to graduate in 2 years?

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For children’s shoes that do not meet the requirements of Guangdong 2022 apprenticeship system, they can apply for fujian dual system, and also have a full-time college degree. The registration of xuxin.com can be checked as “ordinary full-time”, with high gold content/recognition.And compared with apprenticeships, where is the dual advantage: (1) to enter oneself for an examination object is wider: junior high school education can also enter oneself for an examination (apprenticeships can’t) (2) no household register, nationwide can enter oneself for an examination (apprenticeships limited guangdong household register) (3) to enter oneself for an examination age: wide year full 18 one full year of life can be (4) (5) from the university entrance exam high acceptance rate:(6) The form of learning is flexible: there is no need to go to school off-duty to study, work while reading, online classes, and do not delay the normal work and life. (7) The process is simple and easy: there is no need to go to Fujian often, the entrance examination and graduation can go respectively once so, what is the binary system?Binary to graduate in 2 years?”Dual system” is a new mode of modern vocational education talent training launched by Fujian Province in accordance with the reform and innovation of modern apprenticeship talent training mode of the Ministry of Education, aiming at comprehensively improving the technical skills, professional accomplishment and educational background level of in-service employees.”Dual system” mode makes seven “binary” : (1) the dual main body: enterprise and school (2) dual identity: (3) dual apprenticeship and student teaching: teacher and teacher (4) dual management: enterprise and school (5) binary evaluation: dual certificates: enterprise and school 6 diploma and vocational certificate all landowners binary system: full-time and part-time.That is (1) the binary system of schooling is not 2 years, but three years (don’t think the dualistic graduated 2 years) (2) dual = apprenticeship (just different regional name, nature) (3) the advantage of dual bigger (4) by the dual low degree more people have access to full-time degree (5) the provincial census register is not what condition can sign up,(7) Binary system/apprenticeship do not have to go to the enterprise as an apprentice, internship hard work, binding enterprises, therefore, if you miss the national three years of higher vocational enrollment expansion, and do not meet the registration conditions of Guangdong apprenticeship,But to oneself do not have full-time junior college degree is always a regret, then fujian binary system is another “bonus”, is a great “opportunity”, after all, graduation for several years, can avoid the college entrance examination, flexibility to read, also can take full-time degree of a lifetime just have a few opportunities?Want to cherish.