“The world” Zhou Bingkun black sheep, bracelet value big money!The ice into hot Yang green jade

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Plot development up to now, I do not know how many people like me to see Zhou Bingkun when the family heirloom, think this baby is too black sheep!The salary at that time was only 20 yuan a month, and the bracelet was 1200 yuan!Many net friends see this after feel Zhou Bingkun too black sheep love brain, net friends are also discussing, if Zhou Bingkun does not sell the family heirloom, can there be any way to help Zheng Juan?Chow’s monthly salary is fixed. If he gets less salary, his mother will definitely find out. So the salary is no good.But zhou family wages are still rich, if Zhou Bingkun told the family about this matter, may not have no solution.The key is that Zhou Bingkun is “there is an attempt” to Zheng Juan, if it is only a relief, zhou’s family may not agree, but Zhou Bingkun saved other thoughts, it is not necessarily.So that’s not going to work either.I don’t think I can do anything else.Watching this bracelet, the audience can only say that Zhou Bingkun is too in love!Because this bracelet is so valuable!Let’s take a look at the basic information. The bracelets of that era are so good that they can reach 8 digits.How good is the bracelet?Ice hot, Yang green jade!This is a very, very, very good bracelet!You can think about that, at that time can sell 1200 pieces, what level should be?Halcyon green differs according to become color, the adjective such as green of Yang green, fruit, emperor is used inside course of study will distinguish.”Color hot” is a special description of the color of jadeite green.If a piece of jade green thick bright, and the general mild green is different, and even a strong contrast, can be used to describe hot green.Spicy green is also divided into medium and high.High-grade hot green color bright, water head foot, are generally more than ice, the price in the million start.The quality of this bracelet at Lao Zhou’s house is that it is of good ice and spicy, old and watery.But one of the characteristics of spicy ice is that it does not penetrate.Spicy green refers to the depth of green.Like old Zhou’s transparent bracelets, Yang green.The sun green is very bright, bright, like the green of the budding grass in spring, tender green.So you know how rare this bracelet is at Lao Zhou’s house?Ice spicy, Yang green, basically occupy the necessary conditions into jade, so this bracelet, is a real family heirloom.Do not blame the audience to see Zhou Bingkun when off the bracelet after the full screen are scolding the prodigal family, this bracelet is so valuable, 1200 pieces when off, if put now, really is at least eight digits!About this section of the plot, the net friend is also saying a little in order to promote and promote the plot, the bracelet preface does not take after the language appeared, never appeared before, to help Zheng Juan, just appeared.When off after no one to find, no one mentioned this matter, until many years later there is a treasure show on TV, Zhou Rong saw this bracelet after feel familiar, asked Zhou Bingkun we don’t also have such a bracelet?Zhou Bingkun said his mother fell, or a false, it is over.At the time of the story, bracelets belong to the Four Dynasties, so it is quite normal that Zhou Mother never took them out.Episode 11-12 shows the sensitivity of Chunyan and the experience of Zhou’s family, and shows how much they can be stigmatised if they are not sensitive and cautious.So it’s not surprising that the bracelet hasn’t been seen before.But in addition to Zhou Bingkun when the bracelet appeared, and then no one mentioned, this bracelet is really a tool.To the back no matter how changes reform, just no one at home to bring up this bracelet.Heirloom things like decades past, no matter how to move home is lost.Anyway, the purpose of this episode is to show that Zhou Bingkun, who puts emotion more than money, knows that he can’t be a bracelet, but he can go for it.The family is really sad, Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan these two feelings are very good, but the life is too much, from together is not easy, there are more things behind.If it were not for Zhou Bingkun’s character, he and Zheng Juan experienced so much wind and rain behind, may not be able to go all the way.So it’s true that the audience looks angry, but the main purpose of this episode is to highlight the fact that Chow is a man who can get around and put his ass on the line.