The construction design of qinghai deep brine potassium salt drilling has passed the appraisal of Party A

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Recently, the construction design of qinghai deep brine potash salt drilling led by the second team of production technology Department has passed the evaluation of party A’s experts, providing technical support for the project to start smoothly as scheduled with quality and quantity.After winning the project, the production technology Department took the initiative to take the lead in serving, working closely with other departments and the first-line project department to set up a construction design and compilation team to carry out the work.The construction of this project requires the method of progressively reducing diameter drilling, progressively lowering pipe, segwise coring and successively completing brine pumping (discharging) test of multiple brine layers. The technical level is higher, and the water stop and well completion process is more difficult.Team effort, grasped the nettle and contrast search relevant discipline construction requirements specification, consult the expert inside course of study, suppling the selection process, and contact the manufacturer to explore suppling special tools to process the feasibility and actual use of maneuverability, one by one, solved the tube outer double glue tube anchor, skill set hanging packer, waterproof casing, pulling, the overflow ultrahigh density brine mud and other problems.During the preparation, duan Yuwei, a member of the team, was isolated in the dormitory. He did not stop working and worked overtime to complete the task, so that the design was completed in advance.At the review meeting, party A’s experts gave high evaluation to the same diameter water stop layered pumping (discharging) brine technology proposed by Team 2, and put forward suggestions based on the formation situation in this area.The preparation group has carried on the corresponding improvement, the drilling construction design has passed the examination smoothly.The Production technology Department will continue to follow up the project, give full play to its technical advantages, solve production problems, serve the drilling rig front line, help improve quality and efficiency, and contribute to strengthening the production system management of drilling projects and building the brand of drilling construction of team 2.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: