Singapore: no compulsory test is required for entry, the quarantine period is reduced to 7 days, and VTL in Hong Kong is activated

2022-08-20 0 By

On February 16, the Singapore Government’s inter-agency working group on COVID-19 held a meeting, and the Ministry of Health also issued a statement announcing a number of measures to combat COVID-19 and unlock COVID-19, including further opening of borders.From Monday, February 21 at 11:59 PM, existing countries and territories will be reclassified as General Travel and Restricted from category 2.3.4.No country is currently classified into the latter.Under the Universal travel category, countries entering the country need only be quarantined for seven days to travel freely.Category 1 countries and VTL passengers do not need to do PCR.Travellers from all Category 1 countries/territories who have completed vaccination and entered Singapore through the Vaccinators Channel (VTL) can continue to enjoy the exemption from quarantine policy.They will no longer have to undergo PCR tests for entry, but will only have to go to any testing center in the country within 24 hours of entry and obtain an ART certificate.Open VTL services with multiple countries and regions.Speaking at a press conference of the government’s inter-ministerial working Group on COVID-19, Transport Minister John Yi wah Yan announced that a number of VTLS, which had been delayed due to the Omicron virus, have been opened, including Hong Kong, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Philippines and The Indonesian islands of Bintan and Batam.Ticket quotas for the Singapore-Malaysia Land Travel Corridor for Vaccinators (VTL) can be restored.The number of one-way trips per day will also be increased to 48 from the current 24.The Singapore-Hong Kong Air Bubble, which had been stopped twice, has been restarted, and the Singang Vaccination Travel Channel (VTL) has also been opened, with the first flight scheduled for July 25.Travel Passes for vaccinators (VTP) will be launched at 10am on Tuesday, 22 February, with the first VTL flights taking off on 25 February.Singapore is also expanding its VTL programme to Israel and the Philippines.The VTLS in these two countries will also be launched next month.According to the civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, applicants can apply for VTP from 10 am on The 1st of next month and enter Singapore from 4 am on the 4th of next month.Singapore to open two-way Marine VTL with Bintan and Batan.Passengers can apply from 22 May, and the first ferry will depart on 25 May.The Singapore government is also in talks with Thailand to expand from Bangkok to all of its cities.Source: Singapore Eye (Kanxinjiapo)