Now electronic factory workers are many people do not want to go to the machinery factory, how about the situation?

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Now electronic factory workers are many people do not want to go to the machinery factory, how about the situation?Electronics factory, more than a decade ago or very popular working people welcome, after all, relative to other production enterprises, the working environment of electronics factory is relatively better, some workshops and even all-day air conditioning, comfort is also a lot of manufacturers can not be compared.Moreover, the wages are also decent, so the electronics factory in a long period of time by the workers of the popular.But over the years, the electronic factory’s two 12-hour shift system, as well as the exploitation of labor dispatch, let many people gradually unsuitable, or very anti-feel electronic factory workers.In China, textile, machinery and electronics are the three major industries of production enterprises, among which textile outflow is relatively large in recent years, and machinery is still developing.So, how many people are willing to work in a machinery factory instead of an electronics factory?However, fewer are willing to work in the machinery industry.Machinery factory relative to electronic factory may in addition to the internal affairs dispatched to set foot in less, other, poor working environment, high labor intensity, high technical requirements, hand wages are less.That’s a very utilitarian answer, but it’s also the status quo.First of all, the working environment, first of all, the machinery industry, whether from the production of parts of the machining or to the final assembly, basically have to contact with butter, lubricating oil or oil, these oily, as long as the dry line, the smell of oil is not easy to wash off, many people do not like.Moreover, most of the production workshops are noisy and dangerous, and the related work is also dangerous.And the labor intensity, to be honest, is basically greater than the labor intensity of the electronics factory, and these years have to learn from the electronics factory to work two shifts of 12 hours, which makes the workers in the machinery factory work more hard.Speaking of high technical requirements is really higher than the technical requirements of the electronics factory.At least many novice general workers in electronics factory training for a day, up to 7 days can be independent, but machinery factory is not good, is simple assembly work, not a month to three months do not dare to let go to you.Finally, talk about the salary, assembly, low may give about 2000 yuan.Machining, no problem of technical workers, as low as about 5000, and electronics factory workers are not much compared.However, the machinery industry, is also a very important industry, is a can provide a large number of jobs, but also a national science and technology and manufacturing ability to improve and reflect the needs of an industry, China should also increase and strengthen our machinery.In order to attract industry employees to work in machinery plants, working hours must be improved at least.30- 16 o ‘clock, 16 o ‘clock to 24 o ‘clock, two shifts of 8 hours is more reasonable, after all, machinery factory labor intensity, also a little dangerous, long working hours and anti-human work time zone are not a pressing time to avoid humane arrangements.